Our Survival Gear the First Year

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Our first year of baby products

I came across a blogger the other day and she had written about her daughter’s essential gear and I thought what a great idea! I did mention briefly what worked for Jaxson but I figured I could list and discuss into detail what we used for Jaxson during his first year. I’ll post pictures of the items as well!

List of Jaxson’s Gear:

List of Medications:

  • Zantac – 2 mLs twice a day for Reflux/GERD
  • Miralax – 1 tsp a day for constipation

First and foremost the Rock n’ Play! This was a LIFE SAFER! We used it for our first born and we figured ‘hey, what the heck let’s buy it for our second!’ We didn’t realize at the time that it would definitely benefit us and Jaxson to have that in our house. Jaxson spit up A LOT and had really bad Reflux/GERD so we had to keep him upright frequently.

Jaxson sleeping in his Rock n’ Play!
Boppy Pillow: Like the Rock n’ Play we used the boppy to sit him up at an angle after each feed. I did use the boppy pillow A LOT the first few months to help hold him while we fed him a bottle as well. 
Jaxson and his big brother, JJ!

Medela Breast Pump: I had a breast pump that I hardly used from my previous pregnancy but I also got the basic one through my health insurance. I had all intentions of breast feeding and using the pump for work (I worked full-time for a couple months) when Jaxson was at daycare.. but things didn’t happen that way. I started to exclusively pump when he was a couple days old. There are moms out there who pumped and pumped well onto their little’s first birthday but physically and emotionally I couldn’t. After 8 weeks of leave I had to go back to work and I was just mentally and physically tired from lack of sleep, work, running Jaxson to frequent doctor appointments, etc. I ended up stocking up on A LOT of breast milk–I filled an entire chest freezer–and stopped pumping when he was 4 months old. We started mixing the breast milk with the Up and Up Sensitive Formula to help add calories for Jaxson as well.

Up and Up Sensitive Formula: Since Jaxson had Reflux/GERD we started using the Target brand Sensitive Formula to fortify his bottles. Jaxson was burning way too many calories trying to eat so it was important that we fortified his milk. Once we introduced the formula and extra calories he started to rack on the pounds! Other families were using Neocate or Nutrimagen formula too for food sensitivities and/or severe Reflux/GERD.

Rice/Oatmeal Cereal: When Jaxson was a month old we had to start thickening his bottles with rice cereal at first. We then switched to oatmeal cereal per Pediatrician recommendation. I know some families on the Coping with LM page are using thickeners like GelMix to thicken their little’s bottles.

MAM Pacifiers: We’ve tried many pacifiers but Jaxson took to the MAM pacifier that we got for free from the Target Registry gift bag. He used this pacifier up until December 2017, he LOVED that thing! It definitely helped us late at night when he was fussy or fighting sleep.

Dr. Brown Bottles: Jaxson wasn’t taking to the Medela bottles really well so we decided to try the Dr. Brown bottles when we were admitted at the Children’s Hospital. BUT we had to order the special needs nipples since they didn’t sell them at the store. He did take to these A LITTLE better then the Medela bottles/nipples but was still having trouble consuming 2 ounces of formula within an hour.

MAM Bottles: I don’t remember who recommended we try the MAM bottles but I’M GLAD WE DID. We bought one bottle around April 2017 and he was able to consume 2-3 ounces very quickly. We were astonished! We didn’t want to get our hopes up so we kept washing the same bottle multiple times a day but lo and behold! He was doing well with it so we bought 5-6 more! We still use the same bottles to this day, he refuses sippy cups.

Nose Frida/Saline Drops: Jaxson was sick and congested A LOT in the beginning and made his Laryngomalacia worse. Nose Frida and Saline Drops were our friends it helped him breathe better when he slept at night. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE FILTERS!!!

Crane Humidifier: We used our humidifier a lot too when he was congested, it also helped him breathe better at night.

Moby Wrap/Ergobaby: THESE ARE SUCH A BIG HELP. Jaxson was and still is a fussy baby and ALWAYS has to be with momma. When I need to clean or cook and he is fussy I just throw him in one of these and he’s golden. He still can’t walk on his own too (developmentally delayed and abnormal gait) so it’s nice to have a carrier when I’m out and about with the family. I ended up buying the Ergobaby because I can use this up until he’s four-years-old OR 45 lbs which will benefit me in the long run. I bought it like new for $40 and I’m so glad that I did!

Swaddle Me: We used this a lot too in the beginning, he startled a lot in his sleep which kept him up a lot. When we swaddled him with this AND gave him the pacifier he would sleep between 5-7 hours! Man I miss when he slept that good haha. I’m lucky to get 2-3 without him waking up!

Well these are the items we used A LOT his first year and then some. To date we still use our Ergobaby carrier, MAM bottles, Nose Frida, Crane humidifier, and Boppy pillow (usually for lounging around or drinking his bottles). I hope this post helps you with your little ones!

June 18, 2018
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    I always loved my wrap for my little guy. It saved my day!

    February 26, 2019 at 10:07 pm
    • Reply Jennifer

      Thank you for sharing Trish! It definitely saves the day!

      February 27, 2019 at 5:47 pm
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