3 Simple Reasons Why I Love Leveret Pajamas

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Learn 3 reasons why I love Leveret Pajamas…

Pajamas are a staple in our home! I think both my boys have upwards to 10 pajama sets each. It’s truly crazy. Every time we go out shopping my 6-year-old has to buy a new footie pajama. It’s just a must.

Our family has our own designated day for movie nights – Friday’s. On our movie nights, we deck out in our footie pajamas.

Leveret Pajamas
Jaxson rocking his dolphin pajamas

When we were approached to do a review of these adorable Leveret pajamas, I just couldn’t resist!

If you’re not familiar with Leveret, let me tell you about them.

They were founded back in 2007, and their sole purpose was to create premium cotton sleepwear for families in their most peaceful moments.

With families in mind, they created breathable and comfortable sleepwear! They also have:

  • Rashguards
  • Leotards
  • Seasonal
  • Swimwear
  • Robes
Leveret Pajamas
Girl Horses Pajama Set

How I choose My Pajamas

When I buy pajamas for my boys, or for myself, I look for comfort. You are wearing pajamas to bed and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable and constricting pair of pajamas on.

How would you sleep? I know I wouldn’t be able to.

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What I look for when I buy Pajamas

01 Material

Material is very important to me as I mentioned above. Not only is comfort important but irritants can prevent me from purchasing as well. Both of my boys have sensory processing disorder and having a huge nagging tag in the bag will just irritate them.

The wonderful thing about Leveret pajamas is that they don’t have that huge nagging tag around the neck.

Leveret pajamas are more form-fitting, therefore I do recommend you purchase a size up from your child’s size. Other than that they are very comfortable!

02 Size & Fit

As I previously mentioned, Leveret pajamas do tend to run a little small. I had requested a size 2T for our (at the time) 18-month-old. Needless to say, it was snug and he would eventually outgrow it fairly quickly.

I do recommend that you purchase a size up from your child’s size. If you do make the mistake of buying the wrong size they do offer a:

  • 30-day return policy – contact them immediately
    • Items that were purchased as “final” are not illegible
    • Make sure that the item hasn’t been washed prior to returning
Leveret Pajamas

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03 Price

The prices of their pajamas are very realistic and they tend to have a 15% off sale pretty regularly! Prices for pajamas start from $16.99 and can go up to $19.99 – just depends on the size and style.

There are pajama sets for women and men as well, and they range from $14.99 (shorts) to $31.99.

They tend to have amazing deals on their clearance!

04 All the Seasonal Print (Bonus)

What I love about Leveret pajamas is that they have seasonal pajamas for every holiday imaginable: Christmas pajama sets, Valentine’s pajama set, and Halloween pajama sets.

If you’re into Mommy and Me sets they have that as well! I love having matching pajama sets for the boys, we tend to double everything! Big brother loves to match with little brother and it’s just the sweetest.

You can also put matching Christmas pajamas in your child’s Christmas Eve box!

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My Final Thoughts

I love everything about Leveret pajamas. They have the most adorable and the most comfortable matching family pajama sets! They do offer amazing discounts for you – keep an eye out!

What are your favorite pajamas? Where do you find adorable family seasonal pajama sets?

Leveret Pajamas

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  1. My boys love comfy pjs! If they don’t have school they want a pj day. I do notice that pjs tend to run really tight on my boys and always have to buy a size or two up.

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