10 Toddler Approved Toys

10 Toddler Approved Toys to Help Development

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A list of my favorite toddler approved toys to aid in development. I’ve been playing with the idea of compiling a list of toys that Jaxson (and his brother) and I loved over the past year. As most of you know Jaxson is special needs, he was diagnosed with DYRK1A Syndrome back in April of this year.

He was a potato baby up until he was eight months old, before that he was only in his Fisher Price Rainforest JumperooRock n Play, or Play Mat.The list I am about to share with you all have been tried and loved by both of my boys and I.

I wouldn’t have added them on my list of Must Haves if we didn’t love them! Between outpatient therapy and home, here’s what we loved!

Fischer Price Rain Forest Jumperoo


  • Adjusts to 3 different heights
  • Removable, washable seat
  • 36 degree play

Since Jaxson wasn’t mobile until he was 8 months old, we used the jumperoo a lot in the beginning. I used it mostly when I was trying to workout in the garage while his big brother was at school.

His Physical Therapist didn’t recommend the jumperoo but it was the only way Mama could get a workout in for 30-45 minutes. Lots of flashy lights and music for the little ones, and he was able to jump around and rock back and forth to sleep!

Fischer Price Laugh & Learn Food Truck


  • 2 sided play
  • 20+ play pieces
  • 3 smart stages
  • 125+ songs

Our boys LOVE this toy, I am so glad my mom bought this for Jaxson on his first birthday. It is extremely educational: ABC songs, numbers, and allows both my boys to explore and use their imaginations. It is sometimes known as the “chicken nugget” house. I love that this toy can be used for years to come!

Fischer Price Laugh & Learn Car


  • 75+ songs
  • 3 modes of play
  • 3 smart stages

Jaxson received this for Christmas last year. He really didn’t start using it for it’s intent until he was about 14-15 months old (don’t forget, he is developmentally/intellectually delayed). When he does play with it, he plays for awhile!

Like the toys listed above, it has fun and educational songs, shiny and bright dashboard, three different stages, etc. There are small little compartments for him to practice his fine motor skill by pushing triangles, circles, or squares into their assigned holes.

Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Gumball


  • 4 gumballs
  • Lever to spill gumballs

I didn’t buy this for Jaxson until I found how much he loved it at his Speech Therapies. He loved that every time he put the ball into the gum ball that it would light up and play music. He was able to learn to push the knob down to allow the balls to come out. I was able to find the exact one he used at therapy at a consignment shop near the house.

Fischer Price Musical Lion Walker


  • 3 ways to play
  • 10 light up buttons
  • Feed balls

I’ve had this push toy for years, we bought it when our oldest turned one. We decided to keep it and I’m glad we did. Jaxson has been able to learn to pull up and push the walker. The walker is helping Jaxson strengthen his leg muscles to walk unassisted.

Fischer Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks


  • 10 blocks
  • Storage
  • Problem solving

We got this for Jaxson for his first Christmas. It’s small and simple yet it helps Jaxson work on his cognitive and fine motor skills. Definitely suggest getting one of these for your little one!

Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train


  • 3 play modes
  • Ride on toy
  • 5 colorful piano keys

Jaxson absolutely loved this toy. The Vtech train allows him to take the Alphabet cubes and insert it at the top, it’s a small opening so it definitely works his fine motor skills. He giggles every time it shoots out to the back. It’s also nice for riding and pushing!

Vtech Sort & Discovery Cube


  • 7 fun activities
  • 4 colorful blocks

Bright and fun! The activity cube helps with Jaxson’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. There are also little “book pages” to help Jaxson work on his pincer grip by turning the pages.

Vtech GearZooz Spin & Laugh Gearaffe


  • Mix and match gears
  • Learn shapes and colors

Very fun and unique. I love that the little pieces go on like a “gear”and he’s able to turn the knob to make the Gearaffe sing and laugh. It also teaches the kids their colors and shapes!

There are wheels on the bottom as well so it enables him to push the toy, he makes “vroom” noises with it. He loves to imitate his brother, it is the sweetest thing. There are other pieces you can buy for your little ones to turn the Gearaffe into a train.

Vtech Chomp & Count Dino


  • 5 shape buttons
  • 130+ songs
  • 8 color food pieces

Just like the lion walker, we got this for our oldest son and passed it down to Jaxson. Like the Alphabet Train, the chomp and count dino allows Jaxson to push or pull the toy. When he gets older it will also allow him to learn the different food pieces, color, shapes, and numbers.

I hope that you found this post informative and that you find something that will help your little one!


10 Toddler Approved Toys

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  1. Thank you, for sharing these! I love discovering new toys for my toddler to play with! I’m also a military spouse as well, and I love your mini-bio description! Coffee, Mugs and fuzzy socks are my best friend lol.

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