Book Review: Mindful Millie

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I was scrolling through Twitter when I noticed that Louise Tribble was seeking mothers to review one of her books, Mindful Millie. I reached out to her and she graciously sent our family a book.

Jaxson enjoying Mindful Millie

About the Author:

Louise Tribble is a children’s author and education and early years grad. She’s a mother and a wife who resides in Wales, United Kingdom. Not only is she a children’s author, she is also a Mental Health advocate. She writes about her struggles with Mental Health on her blog and Twitter account.


The book is illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas, she does a remarkable job with the colors. It definitely catches both of my children’s eyes. 
Jaxson may be a little too small for this book but he will appreciate the beautiful artwork done by Rhiannon Thomas. 

“More than anything else, I want those looking at it to realize that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

-Rhiannon Thomas

Mindful Millie

Mindful Millie is about a cute little elephant, Millie, who is mindful of what she says to her friends when they are sad. The book starts out with her venturing out into the forest and I love that it asks the audience what we think she can feel, see, hear, and smell? 

After Millie’s adventures she comes across her friend Ellie who is clearly upset. The book teaches our young readers that we should be kind and mindful of what we say to our sad friends. 

Millie goes home after consoling her friend Ellie and begins to write her a letter. 

Millie offers Ellie some advice:

Breathe in, close your eyes, and imagine that the breath is flushing out all of your worries.

Millie had helped her friend feel so much better!

Sweet Jaxson smiling with the book

My Thoughts:

Overall, I thought this was a very cute and awesome story for children. The text is big for the little ones and the artwork is beautiful and appealing. I love that the author asks questions in the book to engage her readers. I also love that it helps bring awareness about Mental Health awareness.

I suffer from severe anxiety and low-grade depression as well. It is nice to see others who have gone through or continue to go through hardships with Mental Health bring awareness. 

Where to find your copy:

You can find Louise Tribble’s Mindful Millie on Amazon in paperback or kindle unlimited. 

If you would like to read more about Louise Tribble you can at Mindful Millie Web.

You can also learn more about the illustrator, Rhiannon Thomas, at Moogle Doo

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