A Thank You Letter to My Friends

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Being a military family can be difficult. There are plenty of pros like being able to go to Europe, Asia, etc. The cons can be hard as well, like saying goodbye to friends and family members frequently.

The great thing about being a military family is that it is such a SMALL world. I’ve run into people I knew back at Ramstein Middle School, or working at Camp Foster’s Gunners Fitness Center. It’s crazy!

I decided to write about the most memorable time of Jaxson’s hospitalization, the kindness we received from so many friends.

Jaxson with a NGTube

When you are a military family, you move from place to place leaving all you know behind. You would think as a military brat growing up I would be used to it… In some ways I am, and some ways I am not.

We lived in the sunny state of Florida when our little one was in and out of the hospital, with family scattered across the country.

We tried to keep our oldest son with us in the hospital but it got too difficult. When you’re 3, going on 13, it is hard to sit still. Even with a portable DVD player and snacks, it was too much for a young boy.

My husband had to go back to work and took care of our oldest while I stayed in the hospital with Jaxson. We didn’t want him to be alone while they tried to determine what was causing him to be failure to thrive.

That meant I was alone with him a lot, pumping on an uncomfortable rocking chair, little to no sleep, doctors and nurses frequently going in and out, and I was scared beyond belief… with no family support nearby.

And then, something amazing happened.

Kindness I will never forget.

A few of my friends took turns and checked in on me.

I was able to take a small break and walk down to the hospital cafeteria for some food.

I was brought enough coffee to keep an elephant awake.

I was able to take a relaxing shower without stressing Jaxson would wake and cry out for me.

I had a friend who even stayed throughout the night to ensure that I got more than an hour of sleep.

They even brought me a few magazines to comb through, I read about someone else’s drama and forgot briefly about mine.

They all had work and other obligations but they came together to help our family in our time of need. That is something I will never forget.

So, to the friends who came to check on me and make sure that I was okay, thank you.

A Thank You Letter to My Friends #friendship #specialneeds #thankyou

14 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter to My Friends”

  1. In a crisis we want to help, but don’t know what to do. We think small things aren’t enough, but they can turn out to be significant. I’m glad you had the support of your friends.

  2. I can relate so much to this! My daughter spent the first month of her life in a hospital on the other side of the country from all of friends and family. My mom ended up coming after the first week and staying with me and it was so wonderful. I also valued everyone who would just send a text to see how we were doing.

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