5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

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As Military Parents to a Differently-Abled son, finding quality time together can often be difficult—non-existent. Despite our many separations, challenges, and hospitalizations—we make it work. I’m not saying it will be easy but if you love someone you will make it work. Marriage is like any relationship you have whether it is a friendship, work, and even your care team—it all takes work and communication to go forward.

I wanted to sit down and share with you all how WE make time for ourselves, and it is a lot easier then you think!

We like to make it a point to go on one date night a month, we wish it was more often but it is very difficult. However, even just a night out once a month is just enough for us. When we were stationed in Pensacola the daycare there had date night drop-ins once a month for $4 an hour per child. It was very nice to have that option! If they didn’t have room for our children we would take turns with our friends—we watch their children one night and they watch ours another.

Go to a Movie

When we go out for a movie we go eat at one of our favorite places: Red Robin or Olive Garden (more my favorite than his LOL). I love being able to cuddle up next to my husband and watch a movie—I feel like we are 21-years-old and young again!

Have a Night In

We are very big Ghost Adventure fans! Every Friday and Saturday night when the children fall asleep we cuddle on the couch and catch up on Ghost Adventures. It has been something we do since the beginning of our marriage. If we don’t watch Ghost Adventures we will put a movie on Netflix or On Demand.

Go to Lunch

Lately we spend time together every Friday for lunch. We still have little Jaxson with us but I like that we are able to eat lunch and spend time together. With his new job he is working longer days so by the time he gets home it is almost bed time. Whatever time I get with him—whether it is lunch, grocery shopping, or a night in—I cherish it.

Take Time to Talk

Communication is important. I know there are some days he is just emotionally and physically drained from work and myself with care-giving Jaxson. But communicating how our day went or even how we are feeling is enough to strengthen our relationship. As humans we like to know that someone is there to listen and care about what you say or feel.

Show Affection

I love when we are driving somewhere and he holds my hand or just places his hand on my leg—it’s the little things. Even the little things can let them know how much you care or they care for you. We love to cuddle on the couch as we watch movies or catch up on Ghost Adventures, simple yet loving.

Continue to Make Time for Yourselves

I hope that my tips of Strengthening your Marriage will help you along your journey. Our spouses are our best friends and love, we should want to support them and date them. Just because we are married doesn’t mean we stop making time for us.

What are ways you strengthen your marriage? Let me know below, I would love to hear it!

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