How Using Tailwind Increased My Traffic

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Learn how using Tailwind increased my traffic… and you can do it too!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I recently began an Engagement Group for Special Needs, Mental Health, and Chronic Illness Bloggers over on Facebook. I really want everyone beginning their journey with blogging know the important tools they need to bring more traffic to their blog and more reach.

This is why it is important to me to share what I know about Pinterest and Tailwind!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my disclosure for more information.

How Using Tailwind Increased My Traffic

As a mom you never have enough time during the day, am I right? Between shuffling my oldest, JJ, to the bus stop, taking Jaxson to therapies, everyday chores, try to get a workout in, go back and get JJ from the bus stop, cook…. Pinning to your Pinterest boards are the last thing on your mind.

That’s where Tailwind comes in (can I get an amen?).

What is Tailwind and why do I need it?

Tailwind is the best tool ever. You’re literally setting your Pinterest account on autopilot! Yes! What busy mom blogger doesn’t want that? I honestly have been putting this off for a long time but after seeing how successful it is (if used correctly) I bit the bullet.

It is the best choice I’ve made when it comes blog expenses.

Here’s why!

Look at my metrics since using Tailwind:

My followers, pins, and re-pins are steadily going up after my FIRST MONTH of Tailwind! I can’t wait to see where my metrics are in a few months.

The biggest reason why Tailwind is awesome: Tailwind Tribes!

Tailwind Tribes are important because they are your number one tool in Tailwind. When you share a pin your Tribe members will schedule or share your pins to their board. Why is that important? When they share it to their board it shares your pins with all of their followers—allowing for more impressions for your pins!

If you pay for Tailwind PLUS, $15 per month (or $9.99 per month if you pay annually), here is what you get:

  • Schedule up to 400 pins per month
  • 5 Tailwind Tribes
  • 30 Tribe submissions
  • Basic website insights
  • Basic profile and metrics

Tailwind Power Ups

However, there are Tailwind Power Ups you can add on top of Tailwind PLUS, $7 for PRO, which will give you:

  • 10 Tailwind Tribes
  • 80 Tribe submissions

That is A LOT of impressions and reach!

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Another cool feature is creating your own Tailwind Tribe—why? Adding your own Tribe won’t count against your plan. If I’m already at 10 Tribes I can still create my own because they are mine.

That means I can be in 10 other Tribes and a couple of my own. Neat right?

Smart Scheduling

Smart scheduling is awesome because Tailwind takes your profile metrics and creates a smart schedule for your pins. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that it creates a schedule based on your audience!

That is a big deal!

Scheduling in batches

When you schedule one of your pins to Tailwind you can schedule in batches! What I mean by batches is that you can schedule the same pin to as many boards as you want:

That definitely helps eliminate time as well—you’re not having to schedule the same pin to each board, one by one. Definitely a win to me!

As I said before, Tailwind is such a huge time saver!

Have I convinced you yet? If I did, here is a $15 credit for upgrading to PLUS:

>> Save $15 when you Upgrade to PLUS <<

Still unsure? They do offer a FREE trial of Tailwind that allows you to schedule up to 100 pins!

Download the Tailwind Extension:

Tailwind has a browser extension that is quick to download. Once you do so you will see a blue Tailwind icon up top to your right.

There is also a Tailwind app you can download on your mobile devices! Once downloaded you can schedule pins from your phone on the go.

My Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this scheduler. I make a lot of new Pinterest graphics and just add them into my queue and forget!

What are your thoughts about Tailwind?

What is your favorite feature? I want to know!

Love this? Pin for later!

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