30 Tips for Self-Care

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Find simple 30 self-care tips…

I know you read that headline and scoffed, it is hard taking care of yourself when you’re a mom! I have trouble myself finding the time to schedule appointments for myself versus taking my kids to the doctor and therapies.

I always put myself on the back burner and I can’t do that anymore. I am not getting any younger and I need to be the best me for my family. I’ve always come to realize that my chronic illness (will be sharing that on another post) isn’t going anywhere and I need to take care of it before it gets worse.

So, I reached out to other mommy bloggers who write about all different types of things: parenthood, blog tips, anything and everything! They all got together and gave me great tips that have been tried and true. Tips that they all use for themselves to find a little self-care!

I hope you enjoy reading these tips as much as I did!

1. “Self-care time is something I have to plan as I have two young kids, and what helps me boost my mood and energy level are two things at the moment: taking a hot bath while reading a good book or going for a 15 minutes jog, which lifts my spirit for the whole day.”  – Raluca Zagura from Zagura

2. “It’s difficult yet so important to find time for self-care in motherhood. One thing I do as a new mom is to ask for help! When I’m feeling overwhelmed, having an extra hand from friends or family members can alleviate extra anxiety. I also try to get fresh air daily, and read, journal, and enjoy a cup of coffee during nap time.” Hillary Walters from Write One Week

3. “Although motherhood is a full-time job, there is nothing wrong with throwing your hands up and walking away from time to time. I know for myself I often feel as I’m abandoning my child when I need a timeout but it is an important exercise in self-calming that I want my daughter to learn as well.

Finding those little moments where you can feel like yourself again is crucial in maintaining a balance as both a mother and a person. The more you discover this harmony, the less likely you are going to lose your cool on a consistent basis.” Chelsy Theriault from Motherhood and Mayhem

4. “There are so many things you can do for yourself. Figure out what works best for you or you enjoy the most. Find something that you can do quickly on those days you need a mood change and then choose some things when you have more time to fully re-energize.

We all have days where we don’t feel our best and forget about self care. We have a habit of running and running until we have nothing left and crash. If your like me then your spending your days taking care of your family, house and job. Loving myself doesn’t take away from the people in my world but makes me better for them.” Amanda Powell from Loving Life and Coffee

5. “Just when I drop my daughter to the school, I head to a nearby park and sit there for 30 minutes. No phone, no book, no gadgets. Just sitting with myself and observing birds, pets and some humans… I spend half an hour with myself just doing nothing. Supriya Gujar Mehta from Little Duniya

6. “Self-care isn’t selfish, we ‘moms’ know that and what I love to do for some ‘me’ time? When I am at home with the kids I cannot make more than 5 minutes in the shower so, after work, I make a trip to the salon twice a month to just get some good hair wash and a nice massage.

Also sometimes, I love taking myself out for a coffee. No guilt! We moms deserve it!” Mai from Cheerful Nomads

7. “Self-care is what the mommies neglect the most. All mums should know and believe that they can look after their families even better when they themselves feel good. This is only possible with some good and much needed personal care. I usually relax with a cup of tea and treat my self with a good book. It refreshes and energizes me.” Sidra Zaheer from She Often Blogs

8. “As soon as my son goes off to school, I head to my terrace to take care of plants. I have a small patch of vegetable garden and flower garden on my terrace. Spending time amidst my plants, with soft soul soothing music and the early morning warm sun is my special time to prepare me for my hectic day ahead.

The gifts given by my plants and the new songs by the birds relax my soul.” Suhasini Vijay from Shrav Musings

9. “Self care doesn’t have to mean massages, salon services, and nights out or weekends away. I think there’s an inaccurate picture of self care painted for moms. As great as these things can make us feel, we don’t all have the time or money to do these things.

Self care is a very personal thing and can be defined by anything that fills your soul, rejuvenates you, and makes you feel like the best version of yourself. My self care varies each day but includes things like driving alone, listening to podcasts, taking a walk alone, meditating, working out, meal planning and prepping, coloring, and taking 5 min breaks throughout the day while I’m working.” Natalie Ihde from Natalie Ihde

10. “Self care can mean something completely different to everyone. For me self care is not just one thing but it is a lot of small things that just make me feel better. It can be a 20 minute work out at home, a warm cup of coffee with breakfast after the kids are in nursery or just a warm bath at the end of a tough day!

Taking time for self care is so important and every mom should do it!” Stephanie Georgiou from Island Mom Venture

11. “Self care is my time to “refill my cup.” A simple fresh blow dry with a at home skin care for me goes such a long way! Makes me feel fresh and like myself again. It definitely lifts my spirits up. I also enjoy a couple of minutes of quiet mommy time before my baby wakes up each morning.” Mayra Trinidad from Giselle Y Mama

12. “Self-care is something I struggle with daily with a 1 year old and 2 year old, but I’m trying to set small goals to set time aside. It looks different for me on a daily basis, but it’s usually something budget-friendly.

I love listening to audio books from the library, finding new recipes on Pinterest, and wandering the aisles of the dollar store. It looks different for everyone, but I’m seeing more and more of the value in this personal “refresh” time!” Katie Menko from Teacher and the Tots

13. “Self care for me is my Sunday night facial mask, getting my nails done and asking hubby for an hr or so to myself. I love hot baths with my latest self help book to read. Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bubble bath and a good book to get my mind right.” Victoria Cornell from Title Free Mom

14. “We all struggle with finding time to practice self care. The thing that I have found works better then anything else for me is to get up 2 hours earlier than my kids. This means I only sleep between six and seven hours a night, but it truly has done amazing things for me.

Not only am I not rushing through the morning, I feel ready to tackle every day because I’m calm and focused. I’m not a morning person, but doing this allows me to slowly and intentionally prepare myself for the day. I watch a documentary, read a book, or take a bath.

I get to drink my coffee when it’s hot, and I get valuable “me time” every day. Even if it’s not two hours (though I totally recommend it if you can swing it), thirty minutes would be enough to give you time to do something for you.” Audrey from Mommy Enlightened

15. “I wake up early (I know I was resistant to this for so long) and work on personal development. Meditation, affirmations, reading a book to help me grow as a human, exercise and writing in my journal.

It has been a total game changer in how I live the rest of my day. I feel like I have purpose and goals and I’m not winging it 90% of the time like I used to.” Sarah Scott from Sarah on Purpose

16. “For my mommy self-care, I love to retreat to my bedroom with a favorite beverage, like a chai tea latte, and relax with my aromatherapy diffuser. I’ll put my feet up and read a book for 15 minutes. Just having some quiet time alone is really rejuvenating.

I encourage all moms to make sure they’re finding even small windows of time for self-care.” Gina Morris from Steps to Self

17. “Do nothing. Veg out. Netflix and chill. Stare at the walls. Whatever you choose, make sure there is no movement involved. You don’t want to wake the baby by lifting your arm. Make sure that no brain cells are used. They are precious these days.

Make sure that if someone were to walk in on you, they would think you have died. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but it would be hilarious if it did.” Angela Fry from Fry, Party of Five

18. “Mom of 6 here! Sometimes you have to just let it go and take some time for yourself. Laundry and dishes may be piled up but sometimes you have to walk away and go get your nails done. A happy mom makes a happy home.” Jacqueline Chinappi from Kitchen Psychology

19. “Self care means taking care of your entire being: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Whether that means a glass of wine at the end of a long day, working out, cooking by myself in the kitchen, going shopping with a girlfriend, binge watching Bravo, or taking a bubble bath.

You can’t pour from an empty cup – self care is what keeps me going as a mom of 3 – 5 and under and therapist!” Erin Smith from Fit Family Life Blog

20. “I have a dedicated Quiet Time at my house where my kids go to their rooms to nap/rest/play quietly and I can watch an episode of a show or blog. And self-care isn’t just doing something fun/relaxing for yourself. I have started making sure I stay on top of doctor appointments as well.” Emma Rinker from Muddy Boots and Diamonds

21. “I am a working single mom, so finding time for self-care can be difficult. Sometimes it feels impossible, but I know it’s necessary. We need to take care of ourselves if we want to give our best to our children.

I try to schedule at least one night per week dedicated to self-care. I might take a bubble bath, write in my journal, read a book, exercise or listen to an uplifting podcast. Occasionally I’ll sign up for a class that I’m interested in.

It’s a great way to get out and meet new people while doing something you enjoy or have always wanted to learn. Self-care looks different for everyone, so try different things and find what works for you.” Darcey Lynn from A Flourishing Rose

22. “For my self care I love getting my nails done! A manicure or a pedicure every once in awhile makes me feel like a whole new person! Plus the place I go to gives you a mimosa with you service! If I don’t have the time during the day at night then I’ll do a bath bomb.” Jordyn Galan from For the Love of Blank

23. “In the overwhelm, in the anxiety, or in the feeling of being lost in motherhood… I always come back to me. This means something just for me, DAILY. Self care is the one thing that can’t be delegated and is so individual. For me it’s about growth, self reflection, stillness.

Coming back to what lights me on fire and brings me joy. Being in nature, writing in my journal, meditation, dancing are some of my mom self care. As a former night owl, My morning routine has radically shifted my self care!” Taryn Laskey from A Mom for Every Season

24. “I practice self care daily. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Sometimes I meditate, listen to my favorite song and sing loudly, take a walk, turn the ringer off! These are a few!” Alisha Reed from I am No La Bougie

25. “As a SAHM to kids with special needs, self care can be difficult at times! I know I tend to my own needs lastly, but I’m working on making myself a bigger priority. It might be just a few minutes a day but grab what you can, right?!

I love taking breathers outside with a quick walk, or getting a little me time in the car by jamming out to the radio with the window down. Sometimes it’s the little things that get me back on track mentally.” Shannon Dewease from Southern Blessed Chaos

26. “At least once a week i love to give myself a little pampering session at home with a facial, manicure and pedicure, take out and catch up on Jane the Virgin.” Cendu Param from Cenzerely Yours

27. “Self care for me sometimes look like getting up earlier than my family or staying up late after they are safely tucked into bed. It’s about keeping that part of me, that was me before them, alive and thriving. The ways I do that change as my seasons of life change.

It’s been spa days, movies alone, road trips with friends, and even sitting in my closet with a glass of wine and Bob Dylan in my ears. Whatever it is, it’s important to me to have my time to refresh!” Tricia Brockway from Habibi House

28. “Self care is any action that does not just feel good in the here and now, but will also feel good tomorrow and the day after that… self care is escaping into a good book, going to the doctor, and sleeping adequate amounts for health.” Meredith Redmon from Motherhood by Meredith

29. “My mommy time is normally when the three munchkins are tucked into bed! I take a hot bubble bath and kick back with a magazine… no kids, no fighting, and no “mom!” Just me, myself, and I.” Melanie Martin from Cafe Couch

30. Last but not least, what I like to do for self care. When I get a moment I like to relax, kick back, and catch up on my Grey’s Anatomy or Investigation Discovery with a good cup of coffee.

I love hot baths with essential oils and reading a good book as well. Sometimes when I am really stressed I like to take a good nap on the couch with the little one.

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I hope that these wonderful tips helped you on your self-care journey! Let me know what you like to do below in the comments!


30 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

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