20 Tailwind Tribes You Must Join

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Tailwind Tribes you must join and how the rules…

Hey friends! How is every ones Sunday going? I should be doing my three loads of laundry that’s sitting on my bed haha. But I am here this morning to share with you all these amazing Tailwind Tribes and why they are so important.

If you read my Tailwind post from a couple weeks ago you’ll know how it has helped my blog traffic tremendously. I have had a few pins go viral since focusing on Tailwind and the Tribes. Here’s how you can too.

First things first, what are Tailwind Tribes?

Think of Tailwind Tribes as Pinterest Group Boards but for Tailwind. There are many different type of Tribes: Parenting, DIY, Blog Tips, Mompreneur, and more!

Since upgrading from my FREE version of Tailwind I have increased my reach by 90% in just ONE month. That’s amazing. Don’t have a Tailwind account? Read my easiest guide to Tailwind here.

Why Tailwind Tribes?

Like the Pinterest Group Boards the Tailwind Tribes help bring referral traffic to your blog. Anyone in the Tribe can see the content you have added and schedule them to their board. The other plus of Tribes is that it allows you to see new and fresh content to add to your own boards.

That’s a win, win for me!

When you add your content to Tribes ensure that you are reciprocating by scheduling other’s posts as well. You don’t want to be kicked out of a perfectly good Tribe for not sharing.

That’s a Tailwind Tribe no, no.

We are all trying to be successful with blogging, so let’s empower each other!

How to join a Tribe:

First things first, look to your left and you will see an icon for Tribes–click it.

Once there, click “Find a Tribe” as soon on the above image. This will take you to a screen where you can search by niche.

After you’ve found a Tribe that coincides with your niche, read the Tribe rules!

Most Tailwind Tribes that I am in ask that you share vertical (700 x 1200) pins and share others content (1:1 ratio). Some may ask that you only pin a certain amount at a time and other’s don’t, like my Caffeinated Mommy Bloggers Unite Tribe.

Now, how do you add your own content? Let me show you!

You need to install the Tailwind Chrome Extension first. Once you do, you’ll see Tailwind’s icon on the top right next to the star bookmark icon.

Now, back to Pinterest! Go to / or hover over the pin you want scheduled, the Tailwind icon should show.

Once you see the Tailwind Schedule icon, click! It will take you to a screen that looks like this:

Make sure you pick a board / boards you want this image to go to and your description of the pin filled out. Once that is done click Add to Tribes. Now, if you have the PLUS version of Tailwind you only get 30 submissions per month.

There are PowerUps you can add on to the PLUS version: Tribes Max, Tribes Elite, or Tribes Unlimited. What do they include?

  • Tribes Max: $14.99, unlimited Tribe membership, and 200 Tribe submissions.
  • Tribes Elite: $29.99, unlimited Tribe membership, and 400 Tribe submissions.
  • Tribes Elite: $44.99, unlimited Tribe membership, and unlimited Tribe submissions.

Alright, I got carried away. Back to how to submit:

Click on the Tribes you want to share your submissions with and click Add to Tribes.

Once you share to your Tribes, schedule your pins! That’s it, very simple.

Now the 20 Tailwind Tribes You Must Join:

Pinterest / Blog Tips:

Boss Girl Bloggers
Bloggers Unite Tribe
Bloggers Killing it on Pinterest
Pinterest Friends
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Lift Each Other Up

Mommy Bloggers / Parenting:

Caffeinated Mommy Bloggers Unite
#Managing Mommies Tribe
Amazing Mom Bloggers
Kids, Parenting, & Mom Life

Mom Bloggers Swap
Practical Mommy Lifestyle

Special Needs / Chronic Illness:

Chronic Illness, Mental Health, & Special Needs Bloggers
Special Needs Parenting

Mom’s Mental Health Matters


Military Spouse Bloggers
Military Mom Tribe


Small Business
Badass Creatives
All Niches Promote, Grow, & Learn

Also, if you’re looking for someone to make Customized Pins to help grow your traffic / blog, I’m your girl. I recently opened an Etsy Store that currently has Media Kit Templates and Pinterest Templates.

Love this? PIN IT FOR LATER!

20 Tailwind Tribes You MUST Join Today #tailwind #pinterestmarketing #blogtips

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8 thoughts on “20 Tailwind Tribes You Must Join”

  1. Great tutorial. Recently I read that you can join tailwind tribes even if you are not with tailwind do you know if this holds any truth to it? Also how long is the free trial? Thanks so much

    1. Thank you Jenn. They give you a 30 day trial, with that you can join 5 tribes, and 30 submissions. However, if you schedule 100 pins BEFORE the 30 day trial that’s it. The PLUS is inexpensive. If you want I can send you a link for a FREE trial and see if you like it. I am on PLUS and I pay for the Power Ups which equals $30 a month (unlimited tribes and 200 monthly submissions). If you want to stick to the FREE tailwind after the trial is up that’s fine, you can still submit 30 submissions a month however you can’t schedule. 🙂 I hope I explained it well lol

  2. Good job & great info. I’m still pretty tailwind clueless, anything much less, being tribal. Haha. I may just learn something from this post.

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