12 Bloggers Share What They Wish They Knew

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When I initially started blogging it was more of an outlet for me, to get my frustrations out. Our youngest was diagnosed with Dyrk1a Syndrome that April, and there was not much to go on. I wanted to write our experiences to help others–and I still do! After a few months of blogging a friend of mine reached out and mentioned that I could be making some extra cash with affiliate marketing. That opened a bunch of new opportunities!

Blogging is so much more than writing something and hitting publish. There is so much going on in the background!

Write with the reader in mind

“Write with the reader in mind meaning write to help someone answer a question. If you write with this perspective, you have won half of your SEO battle even without knowing much about it. If you write like this, meaning trying to help, educate or inspire people then your posts will climb up the rankings and will bring you more readers.

The mistake most bloggers make in the beginning is that they make the blog about them and hope the readers will like it enough to stick around. The blog is about the readers, your own experiences make you more relatable to the audience but the focus should be on them and how to help them out.
I personally share recipes and initially I started just by posting recipes i like but slowly I started researching also what my audience is looking for in google and coming up with recipes within my niche to satisfy that need.”

Sonila from Mediterranean Latin Love Affair

“Know your audience. Many of us begin blogging because we want to record our journey, but that may or may not be helpful to your audience. Instead of thinking about what YOU want to blog, think about what YOUR AUDIENCE wants to read about. What problems could you solve for your audience that would make their lives easier? What are the common issues out there your audience share and what information could you provide to resolve those issues? If you keep your audience in mind when writing your posts and give a comprehensive answer to their problems, then you will attract more readers.”

Betty from Mom Brite

Know how to make a great pin for Pinterest

“I wish I knew how to create a good Pinterest Pin before I started. Its taken a while to get that down and I am still working on going back and updating all of my previous posts.”

Laura from Lala to Mama

Build an e-mail list

“I’m struggling with building an email list, so now I wish I knew how relevant it is to have a list when starting a blogging career. Five months and 23 blogs later, I only have 15 subscribers and yes, gradually increasing.”

Mai from Cheerful Nomads

Make friends in the blogging community

“I wish I had realized the importance of building relationships with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs earlier. It is vital to survival. No one else understands the passion in the journey or the incredible amount of hard work! I wholeheartedly believe by working together we all succeed!”

Tricia from Habibi House

Have the proper blogging tools

“I wish I knew blogging was just as much work if not more than a full time job. I wish I had some of the proper tools from the start. Pro Writing Aid and Tailwind being the main two. And do not be afraid of outsourcing help. I have gotten some affordable and amazing help from people on Fiverr. I have used that site to get help with SEO, Pins, and fixing issues with my site that were impossible for me to solve on my own.”

Meg from Practically Perfect Meg

The importance of Social Media driving traffic

“I wish I had started building up my social media sites at different times. I just jumped in and tried to build Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter all at once! It was exhausting to keep up with so many channels, and slow going”

Shannon from Southern Blessed Chaos

Keywords and SEO

“Three things I wish I had known: 1) I needed to figure out an audience, niche down and write posts that would solve a question or problem for them; 2) I should brush up on SEO from the start and learn the technical and on-page SEO to boost my rank in searches 3) I should have paid attention to Pinterest sooner as a source of traffic, creating pinnable, vertical images and posting them out. Now I’m playing catch-up!”

Margaret from Suburban Tourist

“I wish I had known to make my posts more comprehensive from the beginning. You want to answer your reader’s problem completely within your post. Not only is this good for SEO, but the last thing you want is for a reader to leave your post and blog because you haven’t fully solved their problem.”

Jacqueline from Mom Money Map

“I wish I had known how to find keywords and how to write a good blog title. I went for cute instead of words that people actually search for. Keywords Everywhere and Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer have been such a help. I also wish I had known how to write alt tags for images.”

Sheila from Empty Next Lifestyle

Blogging is a full-time job

“I wish I knew how much time I had to dedicate across all social media platforms. Definitely way more than I thought! It’s close to a full time job with the amount of hours I have to keep up.”

Huda from Blushes and Butterflies

“I had zero idea how much back end work it was to make it as a blogger. I just figured if you were a good writer people would find you. You have to love it! I am learning so much. Getting so frustrated. Starting over on projects so many times, but it’s so good for me! Often as adults I think we settle into routines. I love having a passion project that keeps me on my toes!”

Meredith from Motherhood By Meredith

I hope that these tips will help you in your beginnings as a blogger or even as a seasoned blogger. There is always so much to learn about blogging–I am learning everyday!

Do you have any tips for new bloggers? Share them below, I would love to hear them!


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