How to Use Tailwind On The Go!

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Hey friends! Happy hump day! I know what you’re thinking, another Tailwind post? Really Jennifer? Haha, I can’t help it! They’ve helped my blog views increase since I started to use them… it is only natural to want to share more about them!

When my two year old is clingy I am usually seen cuddling on the couch with him. But I can still work on sharing my pins with TailwindYES, ON MY PHONE. I won’t have to worry about my queue getting super low because I am frequently scheduling on the go.

First you need to install the app on your mobile devices: for Apple iOS only.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, just click and login. If you don’t have an account yet you can learn more about Tailwind and what it does here.

You can do this on the Pinterest app or Internet Browser, and if you don’t have Pinterest you can download that here: Apple iOS.

Now back to scheduling on the go!

Scroll through your Pinterest feed and click on the pin you want to schedule, when you do you’ll see two buttons on the top right: Send and Save. Click on Send.

Click on Send

Once you’ve clicked on send, it is going to give you access to the many apps you can send the image to.

(1) You’re going to want to click the red circle with the three dots to access more applications.

(2) Click on your Tailwind app.

Click on Tailwind

You will see all of your Pinterest boards once you’ve clicked on the app.

The app will allow you to select multiple boards / group boards, however you can not share these pins to your Tailwind Tribes. If you want to share pins to your Tribes you will have to do so on the Desktop.

Click on appropriate boards

Once you’ve selected all of the boards you want to include the pin to, click on schedule.

That’s it!

So simple right?

Click schedule

How to schedule using the Internet Browser

Like the Pinterest app, you’re going to click on the send / save button on the bottom of your device

Click on send

Once you’ve done that, your device is going to show you apps you can share this post with.

Click on Tailwind.

Once you’ve clicked on Tailwind, you’re going to see all of the images the page has.

Select the one you want to schedule.

Select image & next

Lastly, pick the boards you want to save the image to and schedule!


So, so easy!

Unfortunately Android devices do not have access to the Tailwind app. Once they do I will be back to update this post!

Until next time!

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