3 Simple Reasons it’s Okay to Cry

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Find out reasons it’s okay to cry…

Yesterday was a difficult one. I know I can speak for everyone that we try to make it look like we have our shit together. We try to make it seem like we can do everything, because that is what society says about moms (and women in general)—we are to be perfect.

Well, screw that.

We are not all perfect – and that’s okay!

I am here to tell you that I don’t always have my shit together and yesterday was a prime example! I had every intention of working out in the garage, completing my blogging tasks, vacuum, and more. But you know what?

It didn’t happen. Jaxson was in rare form with teething and what I fear is an ear infection. You know what that meant for me? I didn’t get anything done.

We try to make it seem like we can do everything, because that is what society says about moms—we are to be perfect. Well, screw that. Click To Tweet

Not only did I not get anything done, it was the most emotionally taxing day for me.

He literally cried all day unless I was right there with him. Even when I was with him he got frustrated and slapped me, tried to bite me, and hit me with his head. Not because he intended harm but because he can’t verbally tell me what is wrong.

I haven’t had much of a day to myself since my mom was here a couple months ago and it shows. When my husband returned home from work, after dinner was made, I grabbed the keys and made my way to Publix.

Jaxson needed baby food and this mama wanted a few minutes for herself. Totally NOTHING wrong with that Mama.

The tears started to fall as soon as I took off

I cried and cried. It honestly felt great. I felt like the weight was lifted off my shoulders. It’s crazy how a 30 minute trip to Publix will make one feel better. I took my time looking around the store–despite that I know every inch of the store already. Grabbed a chocolate cake because chocolate always makes everything better.

My husband told me to go get my nails done but with my anxiety, I don’t like to be out late by myself. So I am going to get them done today and possibly my hair. You gotta take care of yourself too, Mama! 

The reason I wanted to share my raw emotions is to let you sitting there know that it is okay to cry. It not only makes us human but it is such a big stress reliever. Crying it out can help alleviate your mood, anxiety, stress, and so much more!

3 Reasons it’s Okay to Cry

Helps with your mood

When you cry you release oxytocin and endorphins which according to Elle Woods on Legally Blonde, makes you happy! “Exercising gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy! Happy people just don’t kill their husband, they just don’t.”

Exercising gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy! Happy people just don't kill their husband, they just don't. Click To Tweet

Helps with your anxiety

When we cry our bodies release a type of stress hormone, and other chemicals, that help reduce the levels of stress in your body. When you have tons of stress it can lead to other detrimental health effects, so cry it out!

Even helps your health

Believe it or not crying has been found to even lower blood pressure and pulse rate! It has also been linked to helping with sleep due to a calming factor after crying.

My Final Thoughts on Why It’s Okay to Cry

It is okay to not have everything together, I’m a testament to that. Parenting is already hard enough and include a child who has special needs? It is down right exhausting!

Until next time friends!

Have you had a bad day? Share with me in the comments below.

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3 Reasons It's Okay to Cry

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