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16 Baby Products You Need on Your Registry

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A list of baby products you need on your registry….

Hey friends! So you’re expecting and you’re overwhelmed with what to buy your precious little one. I was right there in the same shoes, not sure what to buy and what not to buy.

When Baby’s R Us was around it was overwhelming walking into the store and seeing all of the bells and whistles. There was just so many items to choose from! But fret no more, I’m a second time mother here to offer you advice. Advice on what products you need for you future bundle of joy.

Baby Bouncer

I used this with both my boys. I had the same one for years, a cute brown bouncer with a bear as a head piece. When the boys didn’t want to nap or leave mommy alone I had them in the bouncy seat to shower, eat, clean, etc. They both loved it over the swing, neither liked the swing for some reason.

Boppy Pillow

I nursed my first born until he was a year old and I bottle fed my youngest, I used the boppy for both children. It’s truly a godsend, the pillow wraps around your torso and helps you hold your baby while they nurse off of your breast or bottle.

Bottle Warmer

I know some think that this is unnecessary but it helped tremendously with our second baby. He wouldn’t drink cold formula / breast milk, we purchased the bottle warmer when we started to exclusively breast pump. I know what you’re thinking, just get him to drink it cold. Well it didn’t work, and I much rather spend a few bucks to save me a bunch of headaches later.

Diaper Bag

When I saw this diaper bag at Target, I HAD TO HAVE IT. I didn’t like the side bag that we had with our first, plus this had so much more room in it. It also had a diaper changing pad, wipe holder, a lot of extra space for diapers, extra clothes, toys, binky’s, and more.

Stroller / Baby Seat

We’ve used both Graco and Baby Trend models for strollers and car seats. Between the two of the models I really loved the Baby Trend car seat, it had much more padding. I loved that the pack came with a jogging stroller, car seat, and a car seat base!

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Space Saving High Chair

We had one of those high chairs that took up a lot of space. It was a nuisance, it didn’t belong anywhere in the kitchen haha. So, when we moved into our home in Pensacola we decided to buy one of those models that you can attach to a chair—any chair. I’m glad we did. It’s freed up so much space in our kitchen and we can pack it with us anywhere.


What I regret about my first registry is that I did not add diapers. I didn’t realize at the time how quickly babies go through diapers! Also another suggestion is to put different sizes on there so that you have multiple sizes in stock. Babies grow fast and I would definitely recommend not adding NB sizes since majority of babies don’t fit those at birth or quickly outgrow. You can always buy a small pack of NB if the time comes.


Same goes for wipes! Add those bad boys on there. Babies pee, poop, drool, and spit up a lot. Don’t feel silly, add those diapers. Trust me, you’ll never have enough wipes!


Both our baby boys loved to spit up a lot in the beginning, particularly Jaxson who had a bad tongue tie. After every feed he would spit up literally half of what he ate, it was exhausting. Our current favorites are the bibdanas! They are stylish and keeps them dry.

Burp Cloths

We kept these on us everywhere, even while we were home. Both boys spit up a lot so it was always a good idea to carry them.

Baby Crib Mattress

The Newton Baby mattress is breathable. We worried about SIDS so much with the boys, it was imperative to us to have a crib mattress that allows babies to breathe through (a whopping 97%). The mattress is also hypoallergenic, foam free, and latex free, and completely washable!

PS – FREE shipping is a plus!


You don’t need anything fancy with a changing table attached to it. We had one like the first go round but ended up with something much less cheaper with our little one, Jaxson. It did the job and it converted into a toddler bed.

Baby Wrap / Carrier

I didn’t use a baby wrap / carrier with my first as much as I did with my second. I’m glad I invested in the Ergo baby carrier with our second because to this day I am still carrying him—he is a little over 2  years old and 28 pounds. The great thing about them is that you can use them up to four years of age or 40 pounds. Definitely worth the investment.

Baby Tub

We used the fisher price baby tub that played soothing music and vibrated—we literally NEVER used the vibration or music. Haha, just grab yourself a standard one, your baby will be okay without music or movement. Trust me!

Baby Blankets / Swaddles

WE LOVED the swaddle blankets! They were the only things that would keep our babies asleep due to the startle reflex. Wrapped the little peanuts snuggly with a pacifier and they were golden. They sometimes slept the whole night!

Pack and Play

We got a pack and play back in 2013 when I was pregnant with our first. I can honestly say that it was a godsend for us when we went away to see family. It served as a bed for the baby / toddler and they have baby insert as well!

We’ve had diaper genies too but in all honesty, we got rid of it. It was just easier to take the baby’s soiled diaper outside or in the regular garbage pail. You don’t need any of those 4MOMS brand, they’re ridiculously expensive and in all honesty the cheaper products work just as well!

What did you put on your baby registries? What baby products do you recommend?

16 Baby Products You Need

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