How to Outsmart Pinterest’s Algorithm

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Learn how to outsmart Pinterest’s Algorithm…

Hey there! As some of you know Pinterest is the most important search engine out there. Yes, you read correctly, a lot of people think of Pinterest as Social Media—it’s truly not.

Millions if not Billions of people use Pinterest to search for recipes, DIY, crafts, workouts, and so much more! Even businesses are jumping on the Pinterest wagon to bring traffic to their page, why aren’t you?

If you’re unsure on why focusing on Pinterest would benefit you, look at my stats. Majority of my traffic come from (2k+ sessions) Pinterest! Focusing on my Pinterest has helped my traffic increase by 113%!

How to Outsmart Pinterest’s Algorithm

Pinterest’s Smart Feed, What does it Mean for You?

How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020

In the past Pinterest’s feed was more chronological, which meant that new pins were showcased from newest to oldest. Now however it is even more difficult to have your pins noticed and here’s why! Now Pinterest takes the users clicks, saves, re-pins, recent searches and more and showcases what they think that user wants to see in their Smart Feed—in hopes to engage them.

Not only do they account for the user’s clicks, saves, and re-pins, they take in account of the pin’s account authority, their domain authority, and the quality of the pins. That is why I stress the importance of having great quality pins to engage users to click, save, or re-pin.

I’ve had people who stressed to us the importance of Pinterest and SEO rich descriptions but failed to realize the importance of having a “HALT” pinnable images.

H – Helpful

A – Attractive

L – Length (600 x 900 or 600 x 1200)

T – Text overlay

I hate to say it but people do “judge a book by its cover” when it comes to Pinterest graphics. So next time you write a post and include a pinnable image, ensure that it is helpful, attractive, long, and has text. Also ensure that you’re adding keywords to your pins! You can find keywords by utilizing:

Keywords Everywhere

How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020


How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020

Great tools to help you find keywords! I recently came across UberSuggest by chiming into Dare to Conquer’s YouTube video—thanks to a friend of mine—and I’m glad that I did. UberSuggest shares with you what top posts are, how many Facebook shares they have, Pinterest shares, etc. It also shares with you how often “Pinterest Algorithm” is searched via the web. USE THIS IT folks!

KEYWORDS ARE IMPORTANT, but don’t keyword dump. Make sure you’re adding the right keywords in your descriptions, post heading, and subheadings.

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Your Follower’s Feed

How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020

Many people asked Pinterest to include a feed for their followers, and they listened. Now you can see pins from your followers but there is still some type of algorithm in your following feed. Pinterest wanted to ensure that people who pinned on a daily basis didn’t flood a user’s feed. What this means is that they’re going to showcase the freshest pins of your followers but still take in account you recent activity on Pinterest.

Pinterest Hashtag Feed

Apparently Pinterest has been using this hashtag feature since 2017 but many have not used them—myself included—until recently. Like your keywords you do not want to hashtag dump your pin description and you want to make sure that you are using relevant keywords. For example, according to Pinterest:

Unlike hashtags everywhere, Pinterest hashtags aren’t used for jokes, memes, or commentary. So for a fashion brand, something like #springfashion would work well–but #ilookterribleinhats wouldn’t

Pinterest Business
How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020

Don’t hashtag dump! When you click on a hashtag in a Pin description, it will take you to the relevant pins and showcase them by newest to oldest. Like Instagram there is a limit to how many hashtags you can add to your pin description, choose wisely and choose relevant tags.

Pinterest Search Interface

The Pinterest Search Interface is another important and easy way to find relevant keywords for your blog posts and pin descriptions. When you type in a search term Pinterest has a drop down of what other users are searching for.

Pinterest also takes into account what your activity has been prior to searching that topic and will show relevant search terms as well. Lastly, Pinterest uses SEO factors to show relevant pins searched by the user.

That is why it is so important to add search engine optimized keywords to your Pinterest title, alt text, descriptions, etc.

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New Pinterest Features as of January 2020

There has been many changes since writing this post! Pinterest has sure been busy updating and creating new features. Mid to late 2019 they rolled out the video pin feature! Not only can you share video pins, you are able to see how they convert under your analytics as well. Additional features:

  • Carousel pins – you can add multiple images for one pin and it’ll rotate in your follower’s feeds. You can add up to five different images for that blog post, it’s really cool.
  • Video pins – video pins are not just for ads anymore, bloggers can add video pins organically on their feed. There are a few requirements for video pins though, you have to ensure that it is AT LEAST 5 secs long and optimal Pinterest size (600 x 900 or 800 x 1000). They won’t upload thin info-graphic (600 x 2000) video pins.

My Last Advice to Be Pinterest’s Algorithm

Clean up your group boards. If you’re using Tailwind you can check to see how your Group Boards are doing, i.e. how they’re raking in pins / clicks. If you find that any of them are not benefiting you at all, archive them. Don’t delete, archive. When You delete the group board you lose all of the pins that you saved.

When you archive the board other readers will still come across your old pins.

Tailwind will also help let you know if your board is 100% SEO optimized! If not go in there and add relevant keywords for that particular board – get yourself noticed!

I just cleaned up and archived a bunch of under performing and spammy group boards and guess what? My pins are starting to get noticed again under my client’s smart feed.

My Final Thoughts on Outsmarting Pinterest’s Algorithm

I am sure I have overloaded you with information regarding the algorithm but don’t be nervous. You can do this! I have been steadily increasing my blog traffic by adding relevant keywords, pinning frequently (both manually and scheduling), ensuring your board descriptions are correct and categorized correctly, and pin to relevant boards.

If you’re in the market for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or need help creating click worthy pins, I’m your girl. Just contact me here. You can find my packages and rates here as well.

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Let’s beat Pinterest’s Algorithm, pin it for later!

How to Outsmart Pinterest's Algorithm and Get Noticed in 2020

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