My Maternity Must Haves

My 6 Maternity Must Haves

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My maternity must haves with both pregnancies. When I was pregnant with both boys I was fortunate enough not to have to deal with morning sickness. Yes, I know—I was super lucky. With my first born I wasn’t very active and regret it terribly.

I gained a lot of weight and I had the worst recovery. With my second born I lifted weights up until 23 weeks and began walking almost every day up until I had Jaxson (I was high risk). I ended up having an easier recovery and a lot faster labor.

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My 31 Week Belly
My 31 Week Belly

Pregnancy Must Haves to Survive Your Pregnancy

My maternity wear was maternity yoga pants, maternity tank top, and cardigans during the cool winter months! My second pregnancy was by far the best pregnancy despite it being high risk, I didn’t have to deal with the scorching heat.

Despite the two differences I used the same essentials! Pregnancy can be difficult but here are a few essentials of mine that made things a little easier.

Pregnancy C Shaped Pillow

Pregnancy C Shaped Pillow #Maternity #MomLife

I didn’t use this a whole lot with my first pregnancy, I mostly used it when we were taking long car rides to his family’s house and through my third trimester. With my second pregnancy however, I needed it right away.

Literally five weeks into my pregnancy until the day I had Jaxson. I’m not sure why but my pelvis was never the same after JJ—I couldn’t lay on my side without excruciating pain.

The only way I could sleep comfortably was with my body pillow or on my back (with a lot of pillows to prevent being completely flat).

Bella Band

Bella band

I didn’t use the Bella Band with my oldest due to having to quickly buy maternity pants. However with Jaxson I was able to stay in my pre-pregnancy pants a lot longer due to being mostly belly.

It also helped that I was working full time, I was chasing after my then 3 year old, and walking daily. I decided to invest in the band–it is very inexpensive–and I wore it over my pre-pregnancy pants. The benefit of the band is to keep your pants up without having to actually button them.

You can also use the band postpartum to help your midsection revert back and until you can fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans again.

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Maternity Jeans

Ingrid & Isabel Jeans

With me working, I didn’t invest in a whole lot since I wore scrubs majority of the time or yoga pants but I love these. I was able to wear these throughout almost my entire pregnancy along with the Bella Band above.

I worked at a Chiropractic Office so I wore scrub bottoms Monday – Thursday and Friday’s were casual day, hence the jeans. They were comfortable and I was able to move effectively and effortlessly with them.

If you want something chic and comfortable, I definitely recommend them!

Nursing Bras

Nursing Sports Bra

You can find an inexpensive nursing bra on Amazon that will do just the trick. I’ve seen a lot of expensive nursing bras but in all honesty, they all do the same thing. I decided to purchase a couple sports nursing bras (since I was more active with Jaxson) halfway into my pregnancy.

They were comfortable and easy to clip on and off when it came to nursing. I didn’t nurse long with Jaxson due to him being Failure to Thrive but I was able to still use it to pump exclusively.

Maternity Underwear

Maternity Underwear

Some may think that this is silly to buy but in all honesty, it was helpful. My regular underwear started to cut into my belly as my belly grew week by week. The top of the maternity underwear didn’t have an elastic band that cut into the belly, so I definitely recommend stocking on some of these.

I still wear them to this day–almost 2.5 years post partum! Haha.

Maternity Yoga Pants

Maternity Yoga Pants #Maternity #Pregnancy

Lastly, I looooove my yoga maternity pants. They were ridiculously comfortable and I rocked them even after I had Jaxson. I’m not one of those women who bounced back quickly so I loved having that maternity wear to suck in my belly.

My Final Thoughts About Maternity Must Haves

Some dislike being pregnant because of how uncomfortable you become. However, I did enjoy being pregnant despite the aches and pains and found ways to make being pregnant more comfortable.

I hope that sharing my favorite maternity products will help you feel a little more comfortable throughout yours.

What were your favorite maternity must haves? What advice do you have for newly pregnant women?


My 6 Maternity Must Haves

9 thoughts on “My 6 Maternity Must Haves”

  1. I couldn’t survive without my maternity pillow when I was pregnant! Even my husband would steal it from time to time! So I really agree with you there! Maternity yoga pants too! I have about 6 pairs of all the same one!

  2. A good pair of maternity panties can make pregnancy much better. I found a great pair at Target and they do not make them anymore. Otherwise I would link them because there was no band, no vpls, and no riding up. They were amazing. I even wore them after I had the baby lol.

  3. These are awesome! I was really considering those pillows the first time around but didn’t get one. I think Ill actually invest in one for baby number 2 because sleep was sooo annnoying

  4. Yup! I had all of these but the pillow. I wish I had though. I remember being so uncomfortable towards the end with my first pregnancy.

  5. I didn’t realize how important maternity underwear was until my last 6 weeks of my first pregnancy. They were the first thing I bought this pregnancy and I was so much more comfortable.

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