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How to Make a Media Kit and FREE Checklist

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Hey there friends. If you’ve been in the blogging business for a while now you will know the importance of having a media kit for future collaborations with companies. Today I wanted to show you how you can make media kits on Canva (others use Photoshop or Microsoft Word) with a step by step guide.

Free Media Kit Checklist

What is a Media Kit and Why Do You Need One?

You’ve all heard of resumes, right? When you apply for a job anywhere most companies require a resume and cover letter. Well that is what a Media Kit is, a resume for influencers and bloggers. When you reach out to companies some require a Media Kit to see what your stats are. What stats do they usually look at it?

  • Blog Statistics (like your monthly sessions, monthly viewers, demographics, and more)
  • Facebook Followers (business page)
  • Instagram Followers (business account)
  • Pinterest (business account)
  • Twitter

If you don’t already have Google Analytics, I highly recommend signing up for it now and you will better understand your traffic. I use it a lot to see what referral is bringing the most traffic, i.e. a viral Pin on Pinterest. I like to take that information and re-create it to bring in more traffic.

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Now that you know the importance of a Media Kit, let’s get into it shall we? Below I’ve provided a step by step instruction and I offer Canva templates on my Etsy store.

How to Create a Media Kit & Why Do You Need One + Free Media Kit Checklist #MediaKit #DigitalProduct #Marketing

What Information is Needed on a Media Kit

About You / Your Blog

What is your mission, what drives you, and what is the main purpose of your blog? Ensure that you’re not writing an autobiography, keep it short. You only have a few seconds to make a great first impression.

Audience Insights

Remember how I mentioned it is good to have Google Analytics? They’re going to ask who your audience is, and they are going to want proof of it: age, sex, location, etc. That is all located on your Google Analytics.

Social Media Statistics

I know how frustrating it can be when some companies deny your pitch because of your low social following. However, some companies do work with smaller bloggers and influencers in exchange for a free product and review. It all depends! So, don’t be afraid to include your Social Media stats!

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Services You Offer

Sharing your Services and what you charge is important as well. The company is going to want to know whether you will write a blog review in exchange for a free product, or you offer sponsored posts, etc. You can also include prices of services, but don’t sell yourself short! I’ve been guilty of that, show your worth!

How to Create a Media Kit & Why Do You Need One + Free Media Kit Checklist #MediaKit #DigitalProduct #Marketing

Lastly How to Reach You

I know it may seem a little redundant because you’re sending out your Media Kit via email, but it is good to have your contact information: physical address, phone number, and email address. Who knows, the person you’re contacting may forward this information to another brand! Make sure you have your information on there.

Create a Canva Account

First things first, you need to have a Canva account! It is FREE to sign up and they have thousands of stock photos, templates, and fonts. If you don’t want to make a media kit from scratch, they do offer free templates for you to use. However, I much rather have one that stands out over everyone else’s!

Stock Photos

Ivory Mix also has FREE 500 feminine stock photos you can use if you can’t afford to pay for the subscription. I know some people say not to use FREE photos however I rarely ever see any of her work on Pinterest, so go use them bad boys! Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Free Media Kit Checklist
FREE Media Kit Checklist

Use the Right Page Size

When and if you create a Media Kit, ensure that it is US Letter / A4 size (8.5 inches x 11 inches) prior to beginning. Canva is great because they have those two sizes under the Print with Canva category or if you want to use a pre-made template you can click on Media Kit under Marketing.

Make Sure Your Color / Style Fits Your Brand

I hope before you’ve started on the Media Kit that you’ve decided on your brand. What your color schemes are, your blog name, logo, etc. You want your Media Kit to reflect you and your brand!

Are you ready? I’ve designed a FREE Media Kit Checklist for you, it will make sure that you’ve got all the necessary information on there! Short on time? I do offer pre-made templates on my Etsy shop for affordable prices!

Save this for later! PIN IT!

Anatomy of a Perfect Media Kit

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Media Kit Templates

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