How Tasty Pins Increased My Traffic

Why You Need Tasty Pins to Maximize Traffic

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Hey there! I am excited to share with you an awesome WordPress plugin I came across. Tired of making vertical pins to only have someone pin a non-pinnable image to Pinterest? I’ve been there, and I’m sure others have as well.

That’s where Tasty Pins helps you!

What is Tasty Pins?

What is Tasty Pins?

WP Tasty Pins was first created for Food Bloggers and is ran by Food Blogger Pro and Pinch of Yum! Tasty Pins began as a tool to help bloggers rock the world of SEO (search engine optimization)! Rocking SEO is one way to get your blog posts noticed!

I’ll break it down more for you below!

Why is SEO so important?

Optimizing your Pins on Pinterest is the number one way to get your content noticed. I’m sure you’re familiar with Pinterest and how many users use it daily for recipe or fitness inspiration. Not only are there users using Pinterest to find this information, there are other bloggers throwing out content on Pinterest as well.

So that means that it is even more difficult to get your content seen! When you optimize your Pins it increases the likelihood of your content being noticed. Trust me.

Pinterest Ranking

My 6 Maternity Must Haves is currently ranking number one on Pinterest. Tasty Pins allows your content to be seen over the others because it helps make your pins rich with keywords. You can’t see it in the image above but the same post is currently on the 4th row–that’s two of my maternity posts ranking high.

Why you absolutely need Tasty Pins

If my image above hasn’t sold you on it yet, then let me tell you about my blog traffic. Currently majority of my blog views come from Pinterest! Yes that’s right, Pinterest.

That’s why Tasty Pins is vital for any blogger to be successful.

Another benefit of Tasty Pins is that it helps your content rank higher in Google as well. The higher your ranking the more opportunities you’ll have when it comes to working with brands.

My Acai Overnight Oats recipe is currently sitting on the 3rd page of Google. I am going to continue working with Tasty Pins and SEO to increase my chance of ranking higher.

Comments, back links, and ratings will also increase my chances!

Google Ranking

What are the features of WP Tasty?

First things first, you will need to purchase the plug-in on their website, Tasty Pins. The great thing about this plug-in is that it only costs $29 per year!

YES! That’s about .8 cents a day, so what are you waiting for?

Set Pin Description

Writing a pin description is important for your pins and I see way too many bloggers not filling this important part out.

The great thing about Tasty Pins is that you can set a pin description for all pinnable images on your blog, even the hidden ones! You know how frustrating it is to manually add descriptions for every single image?

Now you can save time and allow more time for creating content!

Default Pinterest Text

You can also add default Pinterest Text on the side bar after you click on the individual image.

Optimize Alt Text

You have to optimize the alt text! I admit in the beginning of my blogging career I was using the Alt Text as a pin description versus describing what the image was.

That’s a no, no.

If you’re doing that, stop. Use the pin text or pin description to add a summary of the pin and relevant hashtags.

Add Alt Text

Add Hidden Images

I was adding hidden images with HTML codes and it was time consuming trying to add multiple ones in the post.

With Tasty Pins you can add multiple hidden images below of your post:

Add Hidden Images

Remember to go back and add your alt text if you select multiple photos at a time.

Disable Images

I love this feature on Tasty Pins, I think it is one of my favorites. I make multiple pins for my posts and get a little frustrated when other bloggers pin the non-pinnable images.

Tasty Pins has a solution for that!

There is a button you can click that will disable pinning on the images. If you don’t want others pinning your personal images on Pinterest, disable that bad boy too!

Disable Pinning

Force Pinning of Images

Last of the awesome feature: force pinning of images on your blog post. If you only have one pin on your post (nothing wrong with that) click on force pinning of hidden image.

This will only allow the pinner to pin one image.

Pinterest Hidden Images

Additional Information

The great thing about Tasty Pins is that they have a 15 day money back guarantee!

If you’re not happy, they’ll offer you a full refund.

They offer Tasty Recipes for Food Bloggers to optimize their recipes, scaled recipe options, and so much more!

Tasty Recipes

>> $79 / year <<

Recently they’ve developed Tasty Links for affiliate marketing.

Tasty Links

>> $49 / year <<

I definitely recommend using this, not just because I am an Affiliate. I’ve been using this plug-in for a few weeks now and can see my traffic change dramatically.

Also a thank you to my good friend Tricia and her amazing Pinterest Course!

Stay tuned for an honest course review of The Pinterest Project.


How this Plugin Can Help Increase Your Traffic

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