How to Survive Back to School Shopping at Target

How to Survive Back to School Shopping with Target

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Hey there parents. How are you surviving summer? Me, I think I’ve developed even more grey hair. Seeing all of the Back to School shopping commercials and ads are getting me super pumped for school! I can’t believe our oldest son, JJ, will be starting 1st Grade. It seriously seems like I just had him yesterday.

*insert ugly cry*

All jokes aside. We all know how exhausting and stressful Back to School shopping can be. So today I am here to tell you how to eliminate those toddler meltdowns, tears, and more by shopping at Target.

PS – I’ve also included a FREE checklist below.

Target has seriously stepped up their game

Yes, they have. Target now allows you to order things online and you have 3 methods of getting your products:

Order Pickup

Not familiar with Order Pickup? You can order everything you want online and pick it up at the store. When you click on the Order Pickup it will show you what they have available at your store. In doing so it will prevent you from learning that they don’t have what you need when you go to pick up.

Drive Up

Toddler napping? Don’t want to go in? You can order your merchandise online and have someone bring it out to you in the car! I’m all about not waking up my napping hellions and having the employee bring out my supplies.

Same Day Delivery

Exactly what it means, you order and you get it the same day! Note to check your zip code (location) to ensure your store participates in same day delivery!

Target has a School List Assist

YES! Target for the win, again. Pretty self-explanatory but I’m going to break it down for you. Once you click on School List Assist, it is going to show you two prompts: Pick up at store or ship to your address.

I went with Pick up at store.

Next, it will ask for your zip code.

Enter child’s school name:

Lastly, add your email address:

My last thoughts

As you see it is painless and can save many tears and tantrums. You will definitely find me utilizing these awesome tools as a Special Needs Mama and Military Spouse.

It will definitely save me a headache and frustration! What are your back to school hacks?

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How to Survive Back to School Shopping with Target

1st Grade List + FREE Checklist!

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