The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training

The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training in 3 Days

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The Ultimate Guide to Potty training… We all dread it, yet it has to be done. Our oldest son JJ wasn’t fully potty trained until he was about three years old. We tried everything, even sending him to the bathroom but he would still end up going in his diaper.

So, one long three-day weekend my husband and I decided to try these steps that worked for us. He still had some accidents here or there but he was potty trained—no more diapers!

First step of the Ultimate Guide to Potty Training

We started getting him ready for the potty when we purchased the Fisher Price potty, he loved that whenever he peed or pooped it would do a little song and light up! Yet he still wasn’t ready. When I became pregnant with his younger brother, we knew it was time to potty train.

We didn’t want to have both kids in diapers, I mean they’re so expensive! Am I right?

Buy them a potty book

We got JJ this one small cardboard book that told a short story about a little boy using the potty. The great thing about the book is that tit allowed him to push a button that simulated a “flush” noise whenever the child went potty.

Give them an incentive

My husband and I decided to make a poster board that had prizes if he reached 10 pee and / or 10 poops. If he made it to 10 pee, he would get a pack of gummies but if he got to 10 poops, he would get a delicious cake pop from Target.

Every time he would do one or the other, we would give him a sticker to place on the chart.

Buy a toilet insert

At that age their little butts are tiny and will need a toilet insert to prevent falling. We took our big boy to the store to pick out an insert, he went with a Mickey Mouse one. He had a big smile on his face!

Keep them out of diapers for the weekend

We took a three-day weekend and only allowed JJ to wear a pair of underwear. We made no intentions of leaving the house either! I know some people mentioned they let their children roam around in their birthday suit—which ever works for you.

He only peed a couple times in his underwear and didn’t like the feeling of wetness, it wasn’t like peeing in a diaper!

Have them get up every hour to go potty

To make sure he wouldn’t pee or poop in his pants, we had him sit on the potty for a few minutes every hour—regardless if he had to go or not. We wanted him to get accustomed to the potty. Some may think that is a little excessive but it worked for us.

Toddler Potty Training

Stop giving them fluids an hour before bed

To help potty train him during the evening we stopped giving him fluids about an hour before bed. We also made him go potty before falling asleep to ensure that he wouldn’t have an accident in bed.

Celebrate their accomplishments

Every time they go to the bathroom and go pee or poop, applaud them! Keep encouraging them! They love that! Have them call their nanny or pop pop to brag about their accomplishments.

My final thoughts

Potty training is tough, trust me but it can be done. My husband and I decided to work together on one of his long holiday weekends (a 96 for the military families).

There weren’t any yelling or tears, we just kept reminding him to go potty every hour. He didn’t like the feeling of being wet or poop sitting in his diaper. It was just the push he needed to go in the potty.

Now, we will have to train our differently-abled son in the future, and when he is ready I will share those tips as well!


The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training in 3 Days

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