How The Pinterest Project Doubled My Blog Traffic and You Can Too!

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This Pinterest Course brings plenty of traffic, and we all want more blog traffic, am I right? It was the one thing I struggled with the most. I was writing great content but I didn’t know how to get people to look at mine over the others.

My monthly viewers on Pinterest stayed stagnant and I was lucky to get 50 referrers. I would go up and down between 177k to 225k, I wasn’t getting much traction.

Some bloggers say that monthly viewers aren’t everything but I beg to differ.

Since implementing The Pinterest Project my Pinterest monthly viewers and blog views sky rocketed–double what it was a month ago.

The more people who view your Pins (impressions) the more likely they’ll click and read your content.

The Pinterest Project

Who’s behind The Pinterest Project?

The Pinterest Project was created by Trish at Habibi House. Her blogging journey is quite amazing actually!

She miraculously reached well over 25,000 blog views and qualified for MediaVine in just 1 month!

Yes you read that correct, in ONE MONTH! I’ve read that some successful bloggers didn’t reach MediaVine level until a couple years into their blogging journey.

So to reach 25,000 blog views in 1 month is crazy!

She even qualified for AdThrive by month 10, and they only accept bloggers who 100,000 blog views!

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What does this Pinterest Course have to offer?

The Pinterest Project is broken up into sections:

  1. Welcome
  2. Creating an Epic Pinterest Account
  3. Why Content Matters
  4. The Magic of a Boss Pin
  5. Networking Boss
  6. Optimizing Your Blog / Website for Pinterest
  7. The Secret Sauce
  8. Pinterest Network Marketers
  9. Bonus Tips
  10. Affiliates for The Pinterest Project

What I like about The Pinterest Project is that she breaks everything down by sections and includes videos. Video is great for those who learn better with visual instructions.

The Pinterest Project also has amazing PDF files for those who enroll:

  1. Pinterest Checklist
  2. Boss Babe Blogger Planner
  3. Content Planner
  4. Pinterest Strategy Checklist

Group Boards divided by niche and Facebook Groups are included! She saves you the hassle of trying to find the perfect Pinterest Group Boards to join and why they’re important.

Stolen Pins happen a lot more then they should and The Pinterest Project helps you with the reporting process.

One last incentive of The Pinterest Project: She will audit your Pinterest account!

My Results from The Pinterest Project

My results from the Pinterest Course is truly amazing. I am very pleased with the outcome! I thought I knew a lot about Pinterest but her course showed me different.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

I had a pin go viral, 7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy, but once it stopped getting clicks / saves my views started to tank.

I began implementing The Pinterest Project’s Secret Sauce not long after that and as you can see, my blog views are steadily increasing.

Before The Pinterest Project:

Google Analytics before The Pinterest Project

After The Pinterest Project:

Google Analytics after The Pinterest Project

My blog views have almost doubled in three short weeks!

Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Pinterest Monthly Viewers

My Pinterest Monthly Viewers have never gone over 280k and thanks to The Pinterest Project, it is almost half a million monthly viewers!

I’ve doubled my blog traffic in just three short weeks of implementing this awesome Pinterest Course.

A little more stats to show you how awesome this Pinterest Course is!

Sessions by Social Network

My Pinterest views have increased by almost 100% because of this super awesome course.

Y’all need to sign up for it like right now!

Why should you invest in this Pinterest Course?

If my statistics didn’t sell you on this course then I don’t know what will. However I will leave you with this:

If you’re not using Pinterest to monetize your blog or business, you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

Yes. A disservice. Thanks to this course and Pinterest my Affiliate Sales have practically quadrupled. I was making pennies compared to what I’m making now.

Do yourself a favor and invest in this course.

Enroll Today

Sign up for The Pinterest Project and you’ll receive:

  • 10 Custom Pinterest Images
  • 5 Video Pinterest Images

*Custom Images valued at $65!*


The Secret Sauce to Dominating Pinterest

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  1. As a new blogger this really great resources and guide for me. Can you tell me how can I used Pinterest or google AdWords for paid marketing? Someone said that, Reddit the best resources for blog traffic. Is it true?

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