60 Japanese Baby Girl Names

60 Unique and Beautiful Japanese Girl Names

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Unique and Beautiful Japanese girl names you must use for your sweet baby girl…

If you have not been following my blog long, then you wouldn’t know that I am half Okinawan. I grew up as an Air Force brat and lived the majority of my life on the little island of paradise.

Just by looking at me you wouldn’t know it, most think I am of Hispanic origin.

But anyway, I wanted to list some beautiful Japanese Girl names! My favorite name growing up was Airi, or love and affection.

If my husband and I would’ve had a daughter, I would have named her Airi.

I guess I am also partial to the name because one of my cousins (I have 20+ on my mom’s side) name is Airi.

Choosing baby names can definitely be challenging! Let me help you with these beautiful and unique Japanese baby girl names!

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Unique and Beautiful Japanese Girl Names

The Most Unique Japanese Girl Names

A |

Ai – love
Aiko – beloved
Airi – love, affection
Aki – Autumn
Ayako – pretty child
Ayumi – pace

C |

Chika – near, dear
Chiyo – eternal

F |


child of the winter

H |

Hamako – child of the shore
Hana – flower
Hanae – tree branch spring
Hanako – flower child
Haru – Spring
Haruko – Spring child
Hatsu – first born
Hiroko – generous
Hisa – long lasting
Hoshi – star
Hoshiko – star child
Hoshiyo – generation of the star

I |

Imako – present child
Isamu – energetic

J |

Junko – child of obedience

K |

Kai – forgiveness
Kazuko – obedient child
Kei – happiness
Keiko – blessed child
Kichi – lucky
Kimi – righteous child
Kimuko – child of silk
Kishiko – child of the seashore
Kiyo – happy generation
Kohana – little flower
Kumiko – girl with braids
Kyoko – mirror

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M |

Mai – elegance
Mariko – circle
Michiko – beautiful, wise
Midori – green
Mikazuki – moon
Misao – fidelity
Miyuki – beautiful, happiness
Moriko – child of the forest
Murasaki – purple

N |

Nami – waves
Natsu – Summer

R |

Raiko – next child
Rei – behaved

S |

Sachi – blessed
Sachiko – child of bliss
Sakura – cherry blossoms
Suki – like, loved one

T |

Tamako – jewel child
Tsuruko – crane

U |

Uta – song

Y |

Yoshi – respectful
Yuki – snow
Yukiko – snow child

My Final Thoughts

I know how difficult choosing a baby name for your baby is. Trust me, I have two kids! For me, I chose two individuals who I looked up to growing up… my uncle Katsuyoshi and my grandpa. For my oldest son’s middle name derives from my grandpa’s middle name: Joseph.

My youngest son’s middle name derives from my uncle: Katsuyoshi.


What was one of your favorite Japanese names from the post? I would love to hear it, let me know below!

Unique and Beautiful Japanese Girl Names

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