The Best Frugal Beauty Products for Tired Moms

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As a mom to two boys with different needs: sensory processing disorder, Dyrk1a Syndrome, and anxiety… I’m frequently busy shuffling the boys to and from therapy, along with juggling work at home life, mom, and military spouse duties.

Due to all of this, and with the lack of sleep, I have huge bags under my eyes that never go away.

As my grandma would say:

I need to put my face on!

We have been a one income household due to me staying home with our differently-abled child. Seeing as we are now down my income, I’ve felt guilty buying beauty products.

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I still wanted to look and feel good and have found inexpensive make up products.

I’ve learned over the last couple years that there is nothing wrong with making time for yourself.

Whether it is working out, reading, drawing, blogging, and even getting dolled up… it is self-care and self-love. Stop the mom guilt.

Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we have to put our care on the back burner.

Anyway back to the best inexpensive beauty products tired moms need

Elf Beauty Products

I came across elf beauty products a couple years ago and honestly love them. I was buying more expensive makeup brands like L’Oréal or Maybelline; they start to add up!

Liquid Eyeliner

I first came across elf when I was trying to find new liquid eyeliner and generally they cost over $10 or even more depending on the brand.

The $2 liquid eyeliner from elf caught my attention, almost seemed too good to be true.

I ended up purchasing the eyeliner and haven’t looked back since. I’ve found an inexpensive and awesome new eyeliner.

The expert liquid liner is just as good, although I love the other one more. I’m not as good with the expert tip:

  1. elf waterproof eyeliner pen, 0.06 – My most favorite of them all. Easy to use and stays on all day.
  2. elf expert liquid eyeliner, 0.15 – Rich black color and makes sleek thin lines.

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Eye Shadow

I previously mentioned how I came across elf products shopping in Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. The eye shadow palettes were the first finds I’ve purchased.

Not only are they inexpensive, they last all day. I’m actually mad I didn’t come across their products sooner! They really are comparable to the more expensive products I was using all the years before.

  1. elf cosmetics mad for matte eye shadow palette – My most favorite eye shadow from elf. Beautiful and smooth matte makes your eyes pop.
  2. elf cosmetics endless eyes pro mini eye shadow palette 32 matte and shimmer shades – I love how there are so many different colors for the price, and perfect for touch up and travel.
  3. elf baked eye shadow palette – Baked in the oven to give it it’s rich pigmentation.

Eyebrow Pencils

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, having thin eyebrows were all the rage. I over-plucked my eyebrows like most women did back then and it shows.

I have butchered my eyebrows and now require eyebrow pencils to make them look nice and full.

I’ve toyed with a few different types of eyebrow pencils and here is my honest opinion (ranked best to worst):

  1. elf essential instant lift eyebrow pencil – My most favorite eyebrow pencil! Fills my eyebrows effectively without looking clumpy and matches close to my natural hair color.
  2. elf eyebrow kit, medium – Also inexpensive, but I didn’t like that it clumped on my eyebrows. It didn’t look natural if that makes sense.
  3. elf eyebrow lifter and filler – Least favorite of the 3, I couldn’t find any color close to my natural hair color. Also the pencil clumped up on my eyebrows.

Face Concealer

Lastly, covering up the bag under your eyes from the lack of sleep and stresses of being a mother haha.

  1. elf complete concealer – Helps cover under eye circles and neutralizes redness.
  2. elf cosmetics maximum concealer – Covers acne blemishes, dark circles, and discoloration.

I absolutely love these products and swear by them. Not only are they great products, they are inexpensive! Do you use elf products too? Let me know what your favorite products are below!


The Best Frugal Beauty Products for Tired Moms

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