How to Stay Sane + Productive as a WAHM

How to Stay Productive and Sane as a Work at Home Mom

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Want some tips to stay productive and sane as a Work at Home Mom? Keep reading!

I recently wrote, How I Became a Virtual Assistant with Zero Experience, and the struggles I had attempting to work with our differently-abled child.

I landed a job as a Customer Experience Rep and I was ecstatic. Finally had something for me. Unfortunately, when I accepted the job, I didn’t realize the struggles I would face. Thankfully my trainer pulled me to the side and stressed her concern.

That’s when I decided I needed something I could do from home and not be stuck on the phone for 8 hours a day.

Ta-da, Jennifer Carfora Designs was born!

Now I’m not saying what I’m doing is not difficult while caring for a differently abled child, it still is. It has some difficulties of its own.

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So, how do we stay productive and sane as a Work at Home Mom?

Say No to Social Media

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Social Media with no end in sight? My job consists of helping clients with keeping up with their Facebook Engagement Threads, and know the temptation of watching a hilarious video… or read a hilarious meme.

I get it, and so does Cate from Sweet and Simple Life:

I handle my money-making tasks first. No scrolling on social media or checking email until I’ve done something that’s going to earn me money. This was a game changer for my business! 

If you have to go on Social Media to complete tasks for clients, go straight to your task! You can catch up on the hilarious memes and news later.

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Start Batching Your Tasks

What is batching exactly?

The Metaleaners gives you a perfect example of batching: “Think about the way you do laundry. You don’t just take every single dirty piece of clothing you have and put in into the washing machine, right? Instead, you wait for enough clothes to pile up, and then you wash them.”

As a mom I’ve tried to multi-task and get everything done at once. Generally when I do this, I find myself distracted and can’t fully commit my attention to detail.

When we work we can’t do that, we have to give our full undivided attention. Betty from MomBrite says:

Batching is definitely the way to go. Since you are constantly getting interrupted, you want to stay with one task at a time instead of trying to juggle multiple ones.

This way, you can run to handle a potty emergency and jump right back to what you were doing before the interruption

So next time you have to work, batch things together! It’ll keep you on task and be less stress – win, win right?

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Scheduling & Prioritizing

Scheduling is definitely important to me. As a mom to two boys, who both have therapies: occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and play therapy?

You can see that my days are pretty packed with trying to maintain my mom bod, shuffling kids to and from therapy, work on my blog, keep up with my business, etc.

I recently bought a planner: The Parent Planner, and it’s a game changer. I’m able to budget, write up my grocery list, keep up with my children’s appointments, etc.

Not only can I keep up with important appointments, I can schedule and prioritize what I need to do for my clients.

Sarah from Hertiage River LLC says:

I find scheduling my day and prioritizing helps me the most. Taking one day at a time and focusing on the task as hand. Sometimes switching the schedule around if I end up with a cranky kid.

More tips from Sarah at Sweet Miles:

I always say it’s all about a strong routine and strict schedule. Since he’s on such a great schedule, his nap times are like clockwork which allows me to power through work without him in the room and I know his nap times are GOLD so I only focus on work during these times.

and from Kim at Call Me Supermom:

I have a set routine of working a few hours before everyone gets up, we begin school around 9 and finish around 1!

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Ask for Help

Definitely don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. I’ve found myself asking my husband to keep an eye on the kids when I have to make a conference call.

If he’s away for months I find myself handing an iPad to the younger one and allowing my oldest to watch Netflix in his room.

Julie from Fab Working Mom Life gets it:

Daycare/preschool is my sanity saver. I work remotely for my company and there is no way I could focus on client calls with my kid constantly going mommy mommy.

On days he has to be home with me (school closure, sick days) I try to have activities lined up, lots of fun toys, screens if I have to.

Or, Niki from Toots Mom is Tired says:

I rely on my parents and my husband’s parents to take my daughter one day a week each so I can get everything done. I block out time while she’s gone to do everything I need to do.

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Get Rid of Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt is definitely hard when it comes to working at home. Over the summer my husband was away for training in California and I was home with both boys.

We stayed home majority of the time because: (1) I had work to do for clients and my blog, and (2) I suffer from anxiety. Totally understand that it isn’t fair to my kids but mom had work to do even during the summer.

Lauren from They Say Parenting says:

I have learned to give myself grace and to realize that what I am doing is modeling hard work, and passion about something which is important to me, as well as giving it my all to achieve my dreams!

Lastly as a Work at Home Mom… Schedule Time with Your Loved Ones!

This is just as important as scheduling time to work! You have to spend time with your family and be present during that time!

Tricia from Habibi House stresses this:

Purpose to be present with your spouse when he comes home from work. I know that it is easy to stay focused on your business… Your kids need your attention – ALL OF IT!

What good is a successful blog if we burn the ties that bind us to our children?

Need some motivation as a Work at Home Mom? PIN IT FOR LATER!

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  1. It can be so difficult eliminating distractions and focusing on the task at hand! You have some great suggestions here, some of which I know that I need to get better at!

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