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Grow Your Social Media on Autopilot with MiloTree

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Learn how to grow your social media on autopilot with the use of MiloTree…

I came across this amazing plugin, MiloTree, as I read a post from another blogger. I was intrigued with the idea that you can passively grow your social media with a single WordPress plugin. Talk about winning!

As bloggers, or small business owners, we are constantly working on creating content, updating old posts, engaging with readers, and more. Honestly, there is never enough time through out the day! That is why MiloTree appealed to me so much.

What is MiloTree and Why Does it Work?

I don’t know if you’ve looked at your Pinterest followers lately, but when I look at mine, I see totally random and spammy accounts.

Spammy Pinterest followers aren’t going to be engaged with your content, and they’re not going to share your content. Also, if you’re partaking in follow for follow threads that won’t help with engagement either. You’ll more then likely end up following someone who doesn’t relate to your niche at all.

That’s why MiloTree works so well. The popup is on your blog and when truly interested and engaged readers access your page, MiloTree will be there to prompt them to follow you on Pinterest (or Instagram, Facebook, etc).

What does that mean for you? MiloTree allows for your blog visitors to turn into truly engaged followers.

How does it work for you? When you have followers, who are visitors from your blog, that truly enjoy your content… they will see your Pinterest images and re-pin it for their followers to see. They’ll also keep coming back to read more of your future content.

When people re-pin your content, the broader your audience becomes.

Talk about a win, win!

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Because MiloTree converts your blog visitors into followers, these are the highest-quality followers you can get. And that’s why professional bloggers LOVE MiloTree!


How Do You Add MiloTree Onto Your Blog?


The set up procedure is quite simple actually! All you have to do is go to their Website, MiloTree, and create an account.

Grow Your Social Media

The amazing thing about MiloTree is that they do have a demo pop-up and 30 day trial if you’re not completely sold on it — and I think that’s awesome!

It allows you to get a feel of what it will look like on your page and enough time to see if the popup truly converts.

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Next, pick your plan, I chose the “Blogger” plan. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Shopify, Etsy, Email, and YouTube is all included in the “blogger” plan. That’s amazing because that is only $9 a month!


You can chose how and where you want to install the plugin. For me, I clicked the download plugin button under WordPress option below. Don’t have a WordPress blog? Don’t fret, they give you instructions on how to install the plugin on other platforms!

Grow Your Social Media

Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, log onto your WordPress account, and click on plugins.

Click on Add New.

Upload the zip file onto your WordPress, and activate. See, very simple!

Grow Your Social Media
Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash


You can also configure your MiloTree settings, under configuration there are:

  1. Popup position
  2. Show popup every # days
  3. Delay popup until visitor scrolls
  4. Randomize popup order
  5. Lock mobile popup
  6. Show MiloTree logo
  7. Add affiliate link
  8. URL list

I have mine popping up at the bottom of my post every few days, you don’t want to annoy a returning reader every time they pop up on your blog. What if they return everyday? That would deter them for sure.

The great thing about URL list is that if you don’t want the popup on certain pages like your lead page, you can prevent it from showing.


Watch your Social Media platforms grow! Analytics are available as well!

Grow Your Social Media

My Final Thoughts of MiloTree

I honestly love the plugin. It is very simple to use, inexpensive, and helps you land genuine followers, visitors from your blog, to your social media platforms. Not that follow for follow nonsense that doesn’t bring in honest and genuine followers. Trust me, you’ll love it. If you don’t you can always cancel once your 30 day trial is finished.


What is one of your most favorite WordPress plugins? What is your least favorite?

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