The Ultimate List of Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

The Ultimate Resource List of Work at Home Jobs for Moms

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Looking for a work at home job to stay with the children? Keep reading!

Hey there friends. If you’re reading this, you’re a stay at home (like me) who wants to find a way to make some money.

I’ve been there. I’ve tried working as a customer service representative for a company but due to being home with my differently-abled son, it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my links. For more information please read my disclosure policy here.

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Began my side hustle as a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Graphics Designer.

If you’re not great at graphics or Virtual Assistant Jobs isn’t for you, don’t worry there is something out there for you! And that is why I wanted to compile a resource list of Work at Home Jobs for other stay at home moms like myself.

The Ultimate List of Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Virtual Assistant Jobs

A Virtual Assistant is an individual who helps bloggers and business owners with many different duties online. There are a variety of duties that a Virtual Assistant can be found completing: writing a post, social media management, email management, lead magnets, etc.

Generally a Virtual Assistant can make anywhere between $10 to $20 an hour.

Virtual Assistant Job Sites

Transcriptionist / Transcriber Jobs

A transcriptionist, or transcriber, listens to audio recordings from a doctor’s office, lectures, interviews, and more. The pay for a transcriptionist can vary depending on the skill level and how quickly the transcriber can complete their tasks. However, the average pay for a transcriptionist (in North Carolina) is: $15.84.

Transcriptionist Job Sites

Web Designer

If you’re great at designing graphics and websites then becoming a web designer is a job for you. A web designer can be found designing graphics for an individual’s business or blog. They can also edit or create videos and audio for others, it all depends!

Between 2015 to 2018, a web designer’s median pay was $22.40.

Web Designer Job Sites

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A bookkeeper is an individual who manages an organization’s account, income, etc.

If you’re great with numbers, productive, and motivated, this is the job for you. You can learn more here, Learn to Be a Freelance Bookkeeper, on where to start!

Bookkeeping Job Sites


When I began my blogging journey, I didn’t realize the money that could be earned. Crazy right?

I’ve met some mom bloggers who make thousands a month blogging about what they’re passionate about. It’s not an overnight process though, it takes a lot of time and effort but it can be done.

I am in a little over a year of blogging and beginning to see a little income from it. If you are not patient and need income fast, blogging isn’t right for you.

How to Start Your Blog with Boss Babe Takes on Blogging Ultimate Guide

Other Work at Home Resources

You can make money on the side by completing surveys, taking photos of your receipts, etc. Keep reading to learn where you can earn some money (not a lot) — enough to go out and get yourself a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks *hint hint*

Make Money Completing Surveys

MySoapBox is a company that takes feedback from surveys that are completed by people like me and others across the country. You rack up points every time you complete a survey, and in return they’ll send you a gift card to places like Starbucks, and so much more.

SwagBucks is a rewards program that allows you to earn points by answering surveys, shopping at your favorite retail stores, and more! It is free to join, get earning!

InboxDollars, like the two above, allows you to earn points towards gift cards by completing surveys, referrals, using coupons, scratch & win, etc.

Other Money Making Sites

Looking for a work at home job to do from home? Save this as a reference for later!

Work at Home Ideas

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  1. This is an awesome list, some of these I have never thought of. As a stay at home mom I am always looking for new ways to make a little extra cash. Thanks for sharing!

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