Diaper Bag Checklist

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials + Checklist

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Knowing what to keep in your diaper bag is very important. You don’t want to have unnecessary things and bulk it down. Continue to read my toddler diaper bag essentials!

Hi there, as a mom to a differently-abled child, I still carry a diaper bag and not a purse. I rock the hell out of my diaper tote!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my links. For more information please read my disclosure policy here.

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I’ve tried lugging around a diaper bag and purse, and well, it’s a lot. Jaxson isn’t getting any smaller, he’s 32 pounds of pure toddler. I don’t let him down to walk a lot because he has zero concept of fear.

He will take off into the street with oncoming traffic! He also has an abnormal gait that causes him to walk / run very unsteadily.

Very scary!

I was using a backpack like diaper bag when he was a baby but have switched to something more simple: a tote.

My Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials


Jaxson isn’t potty trained yet and is showing zero interest in it. We are currently in size 7 diapers and carry anywhere between 5 to 7 in our bag at all times.

You just never know what could happen! Some days Jaxson will have excessive poopy diapers!

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We carry a pack of diapers, usually 100+ count. It may seem like a lot but it doesn’t weigh down the diaper bag at all. Jaxson likes to dump his milk or baby pouches all over himself and the car seat.

It is nice to have these extra wipes to wipe up the mess! At restaurants we use these to clean off both our boy’s hands after eating.

Baby Food Pouches

As a baby Jaxson had many feeding difficulties. He had the inability to suck or swallow and lost a whole pound after birth. Needless to say it was scary!

He has come along way but still prefers baby pouches and baby bottles. Yes, even at almost 3 years old he still favors baby bottles.

All of the Snacks!

Jaxson loves snacks and so does his big brother. I always packed our bags with fishies, toddler biscuits, and more.

I am on the go a lot because all of Jaxson’s therapies: occupational, physical, and speech therapy. We will be conducting an Autism Screening for both boys at the end of the year.

Our oldest son sees a Play Therapist (for anxiety) and occupational therapist too for Sensory Processing Disorder.

I foresee many more appointments in the future!

Small Bottle Cooler

This doesn’t go in the diaper bag, it’s just an extra little thing that can attach to the diaper bag or inside. Jaxson has intolerance to whole milk so we have to give him almond milk.

Not many restaurants have almond milk, therefore we found that it is easier to bring one of those small boxes of almond milk with us during outings.

Toddler Diaper Bag Checklist
Free Checklist!

Extra Clothes / Socks

Yes, I still pack extra clothes for my son. He’s into anything and everything, drool monster, chews on his clothes, etc. It is nice to have an extra pair of clothes or socks for him in the diaper bag.

When I’m on the road I like to give him chocolate munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, they get EVERYWHERE. Trust me, having an extra pair of clothes will be a godsend.

Baby Bottles

As I mentioned above, Jaxson still uses baby bottles. He’s always preferred and does great with MAM baby bottles! And we’ve tried everything, we should know.

Pack extra clean bottles or sippy cups!

Extra Bibs

Jaxson is an excessive drooler, and he also likes to chew on his bibs. What does that mean? He saturates many, many bibs.

I’ve come to like the muslin brand bibs because they don’t soak through and get his shirt wet. I definitely recommend the muslin bibs!

My Final Thoughts

As a mom I’ve learned that it is always better to be prepared. I went to Jaxson’s eye appointment last week and totally didn’t restock the diaper bag.

I had to clean him up, put a paper towel on his wee wee to cover, and prayed he didn’t pee on my way to the car. He didn’t thankfully but I didn’t want to deal with that again!

What is in your toddler diaper bag? Let me know below!


Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials + Checklist

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