Date Night Ideas for Home

The Best Date Night Ideas for Home

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Keep reading to find some cozy and inexpensive date night ideas…

Who says you can’t spice up your marriage after kids?

Date night doesn’t have to be about going out to eat dinner and a movie without your little bundles of joy. I know how difficult it is to find the time and someone to watch your kids.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my links. For more information please read my disclosure policy here.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I wear many hats and one of them I am a military spouse and the other, a special needs parent.

Being a military family has its pros, we are able to go most places people can only dream of. However, with that, comes leaving your family and friends behind.

I have always envied my coworkers in Beaufort, South Carolina or Pensacola, Florida. If they needed a couple hours to spend time with their spouse, or a last-minute shift pops up… their family could step in.

That is something we don’t have a luxury to as a military family.

We are also a special needs family, which makes finding someone we trust to watch our children even more difficult. There is respite care for special needs family, check with your EFMP coordinator.

Not a military family? Check with your children’s ABA Therapist, Early Steps Coordinator, or even other special needs family regarding respite care providers.

So, as you can see, I can totally relate to not having enough time or have anyone reliable to watch our kids for date night.

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At Home Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

You can have awesome date night ideas for home. That’s right, a date night in the confinement of your home. If you’re anything like me as I continue to get older, I find myself not wanting to people.

If you don’t like crowds, it’s too “people-y” then my date night ideas for home is for you.

Movie night in

We would curl up on the couch and watch our favorite shows or the latest movies even before having kids. We both worked full-time and it was one of the ways we could really be alone.

Some thought it was silly but just a simple night in, eating our favorite buffalo dip, and watching True Blood (am I showing my age yet?) was romantic.

The Best At Home Romantic Date Night Ideas for Couples
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Watch a documentary

My husband is really into National Geographic, as much as I’d rather watch something on Investigation Discovery I’ll watch a documentary with him. I usually like watching the Alaskan Bush episodes.

If we’re not watching that, we watch a lot of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. We’ve been watching Ghost Adventures for almost 11 years – crazy!

You may scoff at the idea of watching Alaskan Bush people or Ghost Adventures but I find the little things like this is the most romantic date night.

Snuggle and make s’mores at a fire pit

We built, well my husband built, a fire pit in our backyard. It’s a legit fire pit with concrete and ceramic rocks. We spend every weekend out there with the kids, roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

It is a little difficult to stay out there for long periods of time with Jaxson but the time I’m out there with him is enough. When the kids are asleep you can sneak out there by yourselves.

With a beer and wine glass in hand, roast some marshmallows and cuddle with your spouse.

Give each other massages

Massages can be expensive, $50 to $75 a pop! Depends on where you’re going but what if I told you that you can get an awesome massage at no cost?

Get one from your spouse (or significant other). I have my husband dig out a knot on my shoulder blade all the time. I’m constantly lugging around our youngest son, it’s taking a toll on my back!

My husband and I take turn giving each other massages, it is relaxing and romantic. Give it a shot!

Workout together

Don’t look at me like I have grown eight heads! It’s another way we get time together! We throw our rambunctious children (well not literally throw) into the designated play area in the garage and do a quick 20 minute high-intensity workout.

I’m not saying kill yourself by doing a high-intensity workout when you haven’t done it in years. You can workout other ways: like taking a leisurely walk, jogging, roller-blade. and so on!

The Best At Home Romantic Date Night Ideas for Couples
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Other Fun and Creative Date Night Ideas

Play Fun Games

A game of scrabble, jenga, or twister are great game night ideas for you and your love. A fun and competitive date night idea.

Make Dessert Together

Grab your favorite ice cream, ice cream toppings, and more! Make a delicious dessert together for date night.

Look Through Memories

When our oldest was younger I had made a couple scrapbooks, one for daddy and him, and one for our life together (I need to update it badly). It is nice looking through old photographs, especially the day we met.

Cuddle and Have Conversation

Life can get crazy! Just cuddling on the couch while the children are asleep and talking about silly things is romantic.

My Final Thoughts

Marriage is tough, there’s no sugar-coating it. Throw in a full-time job, children, and just life in general… it can be really tough. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to work on our marriage as well.

Whether you’re tight on a budget, can’t find a sitter, or life just happens… there are still easy and creative ways to have a date night with your significant other.

All it takes is a little love and conversation.

Let me know your cheap and creative date night ideas below. I’d love some more ideas!

5 thoughts on “The Best Date Night Ideas for Home”

  1. We love date nights. In fact, tonight is date night yippee! We go out once a week and one night a week we have no tech. We sit at the kitchen table and play cards or another game. These are all great ideas.

  2. These are great date night ideas! For years my husband and I went for a walk in the evening (weather permitting) and it was “our time.” Unfortunately, he has RA and it is hard for him to go for walks now.

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