Simple Toddler Proof Hacks and Tips

Simple Toddler Proof Hacks and Tips

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Learn my about my Simple Toddler Proof Hacks and Tips…

Having children isn’t for the faint of heart. It is definitely not. Children, especially toddlers, are just busy bodied and very inquisitive.

Our youngest son however, he was born inquisitive. Even as a little potato baby lounging around on his boppy, he was aware of his surroundings. I should’ve taken that as a warning.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my links. For more information please read my disclosure policy here.

My Simple Toddler Proof Hacks and Tips

To properly toddler proof your home, you have to think how a toddler thinks. What do you think they’ll grab? What will they try to drink? Can they climb this?

I know it’s kind of redundant but we have to think like they do! For example, Jaxson was running around with a small shark tooth that happen to fall down from the top shelf of our son’s room. I’m glad I noticed him chewing on something, those bad boys are sharp.

I don’t know how he noticed that little tooth but he did, can you imagine what else he would notice? Quite scary.

Kitchen and Dining Proof Hacks

Our new home has an open floor concept, which gave me a huge headache in the beginning. Jaxson was into anything and everything and the poor cats were having a hard time climbing over the baby gates.

My awesome husband built a custom baby gate – farmhouse style – to allow the cats to get through and prevent Jaxson from entering.

You don’t need wood and tools to effectively toddler proof your kitchen and dining area. A nice baby gate – depending on your kitchen layout – works wonders with keeping toddlers out.

Don’t have the luxury of having a baby gate? They have amazing cabinet latches or cabinet locks. It’s imperative that you lock up your cabinets, especially the ones that have chemicals!

Jaxson loves to mess with the stove knobs, it’s important you lock them up as well.

Bathroom Proof Tips

Like the kitchen, I keep the bathroom sink cabinet locked with the cabinet locks or cabinet latches. We usually keep cleaning agents under there or soaps, definitely not child friendly.

For the bathtub, we have non-slip adhesive strips on the bottom due to our children (and ourselves) slipping and sliding. Definitely hazardous. Our little one is extra clumsy due to his genetic condition, it makes him more prone to slips and falls.

We tried using those suction mats but they never stayed down, it would float and cause the children to slip. Our last favorite for the bathtub is covering the faucet. I remember a time in my childhood that really affected me, I went to sit and slammed my tailbone on the faucet.

Most PAINFUL thing I’ve experienced (not including childbirth lol).

Remember to wrap that bad boy up with one of these adorable bathtub spout covers.

Bedroom Proof Hacks

We don’t allow Jaxson in our bedroom or spare bedroom, there is just too much that he can get into. We have two baby gates that lift up and allow for easy access.

In our older son’s room however he’s allowed access because we are trying to transition him into there for bed time (that’s a process in itself). It is a bunk bed and he’s figured out how to get up there, we have the top of the ladder blocked for that purpose.

We have a cabinet lock on the closet as well, we keep most of our storage in there. We don’t want him opening the closet and getting hurt from something falling.

Doors and Garage Proof Tips

Our little one is at that age now that he can stand up on his tippy toes and grab the door handles. They are not one of those lever door handles thankfully but he is starting to comprehend on it works.

Eventually we will need a device that wraps around the said doorknob or door guard that go on top of the door. Safety 1st has a device that distracts your toddler while keeping door handle secure.

I work out in our home garage frequently, and my husband has a bunch of chemicals, oils, cutting tools, etc. It is IMPERATIVE to keep those stored away and locked up.

We’ve designated a little area in the garage with a baby gate, toys, and TV paired with Netflix. This ensures that I am able to workout without worrying about him getting into bad things or getting hurt while I’m doing my CrossFit.

Toddler Proof Your House
Jaxson being a crazy toddler!

Other Toddler Proofing Tips

My friend had a fireplace built into foundation, and around the fireplace there was a sharp hearth. As a precaution they wrapped the sharp corners with those foam baby mats!

The Cheerful Place has a beautiful example of this, they stuck them together and trimmed it to fit.

Or you can install a baby gate that wraps around the fireplace and is securely fastened into the wall. Fortunate for us, our fireplace wasn’t built-in! We were able to get rid of it and sell it, it was too much of a burden and we used it once last year.

My Final Thoughts

I remember when we first moved into our home, our son climbed up until a water jug. He was balancing himself on one foot and trying to grab our glass coffee pot. Yikes.

That could’ve been a terrible accident if he had fallen with the glass coffee pot. That is why it’s so important for us to toddler proof the house.

What is one of your favorite baby or toddler proofing hacks? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below.

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