Super Fun and Simple New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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Here you’ll find super fun and simple New Year’s Eve party ideas…

Gone were the days of partying until dawn, with drinks in hand, and then sleeping all day. I mean you could still do that but who wants to parent with a hangover? I sure don’t.

I’ve traded my drinks and partying for more simple New Years celebrations with my husband and two boys. I find it more enjoyable than the party scene.

Super Fun and Simple New Year's Eve Party Ideas

There are many fun and unique ways of bringing in the New Year’s with your kids!

Our New Year’s celebrations are quite simple, we always spend the day with family or great friends. JJ, our oldest, has auditory processing disorder and hates the sound of fireworks. We still do fireworks but bring noise cancelling headphones for him, that way he doesn’t miss the fun festivities.

We buy little firework sparklers JJ, and can’t wait to let our little one hold one this year! He was a potato baby last year and couldn’t do a whole lot, now he’s getting to do things like his big brother.

For dinner we usually have a big BBQ or order pizza, nothing fancy! We sit around with friends and family and enjoy their time. When it gets close to midnight we switch the TV onto the ball drop to countdown with New York City.

Very simple New Year’s Eve tradition but it’s one of our memorable ones.

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Super Fun and Simple New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

I’ve compiled a list of fun and easy New Year’s Eve party ideas for you and your family! From mocktails to crafts, you’ll find something you and your family will enjoy!

Create Mocktails and Enjoy with your Children

Yes party nights are gone but you can still enjoy a simple mocktail with your children! That lemon and blackberry one looks absolutely scrumptious.

Mocktails for Children

A list of delicious mocktails for you to enjoy with your children on New Year's Eve!

Bake Some Yummy Goodies

These baked goodies are making me so hungry right now! I am definitely loving the midnight kisses recipe, I’ll have to give those a try with my boys this year!

New Year's Eve Baked Goods

Yummy Oreo balls and so much more!

New Year’s Eve Games and Sensory Bins

I’ve created a fun New Year’s Eve Bingo game for you to enjoy with your family.

How to Play New Year’s Eve Bingo:

  • Print all of the cards.
  • Cut up the calling cards B through O.
  • Place the pieces in a bowl.
  • Have a person designated to call out the image and letter for bingo.
  • Once you get five in a row, BINGO!

Here are additional games you can play with your family!

Super Fun and Simple New Year's Eve Party Ideas

My Final Thoughts

Celebrating New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be an extravagant thing, it can be simple too. As I’ve gotten older I have found that I do not enjoy big crowds, and my boys don’t either. We find it much more fun and intimate spending New Year’s Eve with family and close friends.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve!

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family? What is your most memorable New Year’s Eve memory?

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Super Fun and Simple New Year's Eve Party Ideas

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