Simple Valentines Day Sensory and Crafts

Simple Valentine’s Sensory Bins and Crafts

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A list of simple Valentine’s sensory bins and crafts for kids…

Growing up Valentine’s was a fun holiday for me at school. I remember doing a lot of crafts at school, putting together little Valentine’s Day cards for classmates, and giving out candies.

Now that I have my own children, I find myself doing the same for them. Last year I had to create a box for my oldest son, it allowed his classmates to drop their cards into the box.

At the time he was really into Venom so I made his box into the Marvel character. I may be a little biased but I thought his box was the best! They really make it easy on parents when it comes to making Valentine’s Day cards.

Now you can buy box full of cards with stickers and candy! It’s quite amazing.

Simple Valentine’s Sensory Bins and Crafts

There are many different activities for your children to do! From sensory slime, sensory bins, and crafts – there is sure something your child will love! Both our boys have sensory processing disorder and have difficulties with tactile textures.

Their occupational therapists love putting together moon sand and asking them to dig for goodies. Slime is another texture our oldest son doesn’t like, so I’m definitely going to give the slime recipes a try this year.

20+ Sensory and Craft Activities

Valentines Sensory Bins and Crafts for Kids

A list of fun sensory activities and crafts for kids on Valentine's Day!

Additional Valentine’s Day Sensory and Crafts Activities

My Final Thoughts

These are some adorable and fun Valentine’s Day sensory activities and crafts! I’m definitely trying out the pine cone bouquet – it’ll be perfect for my son’s teachers and therapists on Valentine’s Day!

What are your favorite Valentines sensory or crafts activities? I’d love to hear it!


Simple Valentine's Sensory Bins and Crafts

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