The Most Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC

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The most amazing places to see in Wilmington, NC for those who are going to be in town for the day…

We had ourselves a super busy and very full house this past week. My brother flew in from Georgia, my grandma from Texas, and my dad’s family from Arizona.

Needless to say, there were many trips to the airport within the last week!

I’ve lived around Wilmington for some time now but have never been to the Battleship NC Memorial. My husband went there years ago to be the best man at his brother’s wedding.

The wedding was held on Battleship North Carolina and they spent the evening marveling in the history while making new ones.

On my family’s last day we decided to drive out to Wilmington, NC to take in the beautiful sights. I was excited because I haven’t been to the battleship myself! Our little one even had fun hitching a ride on my husband’s back for the hour and a half we were there.

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The Most Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC

Battleship North Carolina

My grandma unfortunately could not make the tour because of her difficulties with stairs. There are many steep stairs and about 5 levels total on the Battleship North Carolina.

The tour itself takes an average of two hours, make sure you set enough time to see the entire battleship. Tickets are reasonable as well, and if you’re a military family they are even cheaper:

  • 12 + over: $14
  • 65+: $10
  • 6 – 11 years: $6
  • 5 + under: FREE
  • Military: $10
Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC

When we go to a new duty station or visit family, we love visiting museums and learning about the history there.

I’ve never been on a battleship before so I found it fascinating how they lived on the ship back then! I always wondered how they kept everything fresh! They had everything from a Dental Office, Church, and HUGE freezers.

If you’re like us and enjoy learning about history, you have to check out the Battleship North Carolina.

Wake n Bake Donuts

After our tour at the Battleship North Carolina, we were hankering caffeine and a snack. I told them about the amazing donut place, Wake n Bake, that is located downtown.

Tip: Get there early. We almost missed out because it was around 2 PM (they close at 2:30) when we finally made it over! They were running out of things to sell when we got there.

Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC
Wake n Bake Donuts

They have everything you can possibly think of when it comes to donut flavors. Anything from cinnabomb, pebble rock, to dat ghost fire! They also have seasonal flavors like the one below, Pumpkin with Cream Cheese frosting.

They also have delicious coffee but since they were closing up shop we took our goodies to a coffee shop down the street.

Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC
Pumpkin + Cream Cheese Donut

Bespoke Coffee + Dry Goods

They didn’t say anything to us when we walked in with goodies from another location, maybe because we bought a bunch of delicious coffees. I wouldn’t recommend doing what we did haha.

Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC
Bespoke Coffee + Dry Goods

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Bespoke Coffee + Dry Goods. They have a lot of places for you to sit and enjoy your cup of coffee, smoothie, or tea. There were also some decadent pastries as well.

In the back of the shop they had a huge bench that was able to accommodate a large party, we had a total of 9 that day. Another awesome thing about it is the awesome and unique merchandise sold there.

Bespoke Coffee
Ginger + Spice Latte with Oat Milk

I’ve only had the ginger + spice latte and it was really delicious. This is a seasonal drink so if you’re planning on visiting during the warmer months I wouldn’t expect it on the menu.

Not wanting coffee, tea, or smoothies? They sell wine, beer, and mimosas!

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Other Amazing Places in Wilmington, NC

Coffee Shops in Wilmington, NC

Looking for a good cup of coffee while you’re visiting Wilmington, NC?

Amazing Restaurants in Wilmington, NC

Some of the most delicious places to eat, I love the Italian Restaurant – Osteria Cicchetti. I do recommend making a reservation for that due to how popular they are.

Amazing Breweries in Wilmington, NC

Want a good beer on draft after a long day spent walking around?

My Final Thoughts

There are so many great and amazing places for you and your family (or friends!) to visit in Wilmington, North Carolina. They also have some amazing beaches if you’re a huge beach buff.

Jacksonville, NC also has some beautiful historical places for you to visit! I’ll have to write up a post about the location! Stay tuned.

Have you been to Wilmington, North Carolina? What were you favorite places to visit? Favorite places to eat?

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