Legal Pages Every Blogger Must Have

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Legal pages every blogger needs to be protected and compliant in 2020….

Hi there, once you become a blogger, protecting your site is a must.

Protect my site? Blog legally? I had honestly no idea what people were talking about. I mean, I’m not a lawyer!

I didn’t realize blogging and putting affiliate links in my blog posts required you to do have disclosures and privacy policy.

Before we delve deeper into the legalities of blogging if you haven’t started blogging you will learn how to start one from scratch here. In the post, I will start with where to go to choose your domain name, who to use as a host, and more.

But anyway, let’s talk about the important legal pages you need to have to have a complaint money-making blog.

Legal Pages Every Blogger Must Have to be Complaint in 2020

You will find the four legal pages every blogger needs in order to protect themselves and their blog.

Mariam at Freelance & Marketing has made it easy for bloggers with her copy and paste policies and video tutorials.

Freelance & Marketing

Legal Templates Bundle

In Mariam’s Legal Shop, she has a Legal Templates Bundle that includes all four important documents:

Legal Template Bundle

California Consumer Privacy Act

On January 1st, 2020 there were some major changes with California and their Privacy Act.

I saw the notification first on Google AdSense but didn’t think too much about it because I’m not in California. Even though I did not physically live in California, I still needed to be compliant with their CCPA in case a reader from California stumbled upon my blog.

If you’re not compliant with the new CCPA Policy you can risk being fined up to $7,500 (max) per violation.

What you’ll need on your CCPA Policy page:

  • Do Not Sell My Information page
  • Right for users to request deletion of information
  • Users right to demand disclosure in case of sale
  • No discrimination
  • Securing information

Disclaimer Policy

A Disclaimer Policy is also important for bloggers, particularly medical disclaimers. You do not want to have someone read your pregnancy tips or breastfeeding tips and try to sue you.

The Disclaimer Policy allows you to notify your readers that everything you write is for informational purposes only!

What you’ll need on your Disclaimer Policy page:

  • Earnings Disclaimer (important if you share affiliate links)
  • Sponsored post disclaimers
  • Affiliate disclosure
  • Product reviews disclosure (if you write a lot of product reviews or testimonials)

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy page is a must when you manage a blog! Privacy Policy pages let these users know that you are collecting and storing their personal information.

What needs to be in your Privacy Policy page:

  • GDPR Visitor’s Rights
  • Cookie Policy
  • GDPR Compliance & Emailing Marketing Policy

Terms and Conditions

Why do you need a terms and conditions page? A terms and conditions page helps protect you from content theft! I’ve personally have had to deal with this – I recently came across a user who copied my content word for word.

He even took my stock photos and Pinterest image. The nerve right?

Reasons you need a Terms and Conditions page:

  • Limits your liability
  • Protects you from theft
  • The legal contract for you and your readers

BONUS TIP: If you have already purchased the legal template bundle you will receive the CCPA template for free.

My Final Thoughts

As you can see having the proper legal pages on your blog is very important, you do not want to be in a legal battle and losing thousands of dollars! Having important documents like these can definitely protect you and your content in the future as well.

To date, I’ve found two blog posts that were stolen – word for word. Very frustrating.

Protect your blog and save this as a reference

Legal Pages Bloggers Need

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