Practical Gift Ideas for First Time Moms

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These practical gift ideas for first time moms are perfect for any occasion…

When new moms are pregnant, we spend most of our time preparing for the baby. Between baby registry’s and baby shower’s, new mamas rarely get gifts of their own.

I understand that to be a mother is a gift in itself, but mamas do deserve to be showered with gifts as well.

Practical Gift Ideas for First Time Moms

Recently during Christmas, I went out shopping for our good family friend. They were expecting their first, a little girl, after trying years to conceive.

I had already made her a diaper cake for the baby, packed full of diapers, washcloths, shampoo, and more. I wanted to get something for her, for the new mom to be.

In order to do that, I sat down and thought about maternity essentials that truly helped me. After I decided what to get her, I braved the crazy Christmas traffic and sought out her gifts!

I decided on a good pair of comfortable sweats because after baby you’re bloated and in pain. The last thing you want is a constricting pair of pants! The next thing I got was a pair of cozy nursing bras that didn’t have any wires. I don’t know about you but the wires irritate the hell out me!

The last couple of items I got her were simple things for her breastfeeding journey: lanolin, ice packs, etc.

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Gift Ideas For First Time Moms (she’ll Really Use!)

The wonderful thing about these practical gift ideas for new mamas is that you can buy these for any occasion! You can grab these gifts for your wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, or mother for Christmas gift ideas, Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Mother’s Day gift ideas, birthday presents, or just because!

Put a smile on the first time new mom to be’s face with these amazing gifts.

First Time Mom Gift Ideas

Comfortable Clothes

Yes to clothes! For both pregnancy and postpartum, comfortable clothing will seriously be a godsend to the first time, mom! Both pregnancies I lived in maternity yoga pants or my husband’s sweat pants. I worked full-time with our second and really enjoyed wearing scrubs, they were loose and comfortable.

  • Fuzzy Socks / Slippers – A perfect stocking stuffer idea or thoughtful gift in general. When I was in the hospital, during labor and after, I lived in these fuzzy socks. These slippers, or fuzzy socks, will help keep your feet warm throughout your stay at the labor and delivery floor! Great to use when they’re home with their little ones as well.
  • Comfy Nursing Bras – When I was pregnant with both boys I wore nursing bras throughout the entire pregnancy. They’re comfy to wear and not limited to just breastfeeding. A new mom’s breasts can double, even triple, in size. A nursing bra will definitely make a new mama-to-be happy and comfortable.
  • Sweat Pants / Yoga Pants – YES, yoga pants (or sweat pants). Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable journey for some and having a cozy pair of sweat pants (or yoga pants) is definitely a MUST.

Postpartum Essentials Kit

The fourth trimester in a woman’s life can be one of the most difficult times for them. They are trying to adjust to motherhood and managing the raging hormones. Help them ease into motherhood with these helpful postpartum essentials – trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

  • Ice packs – For my friend, I bought an ice pack that fits directly into a nursing bra to help alleviate soreness from breastfeeding (or exclusively pumping). I breastfed our firstborn and exclusively pumped with our second, my breasts were always sore, engorged, and I have ever dealt with blockages. Having an ice pack to alleviate redness and soreness definitely would’ve benefited me. The mama to be in your life will definitely be thankful.
  • Lanolin – New mama to be’s nipples will need some tender loving care after breastfeeding (or pumping!) her newborn baby. Lanolin will help ease the cracked and red boobs
  • All of the pads – As silly as this sounds, having a stockpile of pads is definitely a plus. Postpartum bleeding can last up to 6 weeks! She will love these icicle pads!

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Books, Journals, and Keepsakes

Journals and keepsakes are very simple yet important to first-time moms. They allow the first time moms (or seasoned mama) to store important documents, footprints, baby’s first haircut, and more.

  • Pregnancy Journal – You can help the mama to keep track of her pregnancy with a pregnancy journal. A pregnancy journal is made to allow the mom to add how they are physically and emotionally feeling week by week, and month by month.
  • What to Expect – Pregnancy can be a scary thing, especially if you’re new to it and do not know what to expect. Any twinge and discomfort could put a new mama to be on edge. Having this pregnancy bible, What to Expect, can give the mama week by week information regarding their pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Keepsake Frame – I still have my sons’ ultrasound photos neatly kept in a pregnancy keepsake frame. Your first-time mom will definitely love this memorable keepsake.
First Time Mom Gift Ideas

Funny First Time Moms Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love a funny gag gift? I am really loving these hilarious t-shirts for moms to be! I wish I got one when I was pregnant with both of our boys!

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Mother’s Day Pregnancy Gift Ideas

  • Mom to Be Tumbler – Engrave the first time mama to be’s establish a date with this cute tumbler! Water, or wine, wherever they go.

Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Gift Ideas

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Christmas Pregnancy Gift Ideas

  • Santa Baby tee – I love this tee, a cute little Santa hat rests on her belly.
  • Striped Pajamas – She can still family Christmas photos in her adorable striped pajama set!

Gift Boxes By Trimester

There are wonderful, AND TRULY AMAZING, bump boxes catered to each trimester! Not sure what to get them? Take a look at these amazing bump boxes as practical gift ideas for first-time moms!

Non-Gift Ideas for First-time Moms

Honestly, I enjoyed the non-gifts just as much as presents – if not more. My favorite was when my mother-in-law flew in from Long Island to spend two weeks with us.

The timing was perfect because the day she flew in was the day I ended up going into labor! Here are some non-gifts first-time moms may enjoy as well:

  • Cooking – My mother-in-law helped with the cooking while I was recovering from labor. My first delivery was honestly traumatic; I had a highly difficult time walking, let alone standing. She made this delicious lemon chicken piccata that was beyond delicious!
  • Cleaning – Cleaning is definitely one of the last things on a new mom’s mind! We are more worried about whether the baby is getting enough nutrients, your postpartum recovery, and more. Who wants to clean? She helped straighten up the house and took care of the cats for me while I recovered.
  • Pampering – YES, pampering! New moms want to feel like themselves again. My mother-in-law went to Sally’s Beauty store and grabbed hair dye for me and trimmed my hair (she’s a hairdresser). It definitely helped me feel like myself again!

Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or pampering… expectant moms will truly appreciate it.

My Final Thoughts

Shower the mom to be in your life with these amazing, and practical gift ideas. Trust me, as a mom to two little boys, I would know. Don’t forget about the new mom in your life when buying gifts for the baby shower. Moms deserve to be showered with wonderful and practical gifts just as much as the precious baby.

Don’t forget, these practical gift ideas for first-time moms are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, and more.

Trust me, the first time mom in your life will thank you for it!

As a mom, what gifts would you have loved to receive when you were pregnant? What could you have done without?

Save these Practical Gift Ideas for First-Time Moms!

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