Positive and Powerful Birth Affirmations + Free Printables

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Keep reading to find a list of powerful birth affirmations and free printables…

Labor is both a beautiful and powerful experience for women. Whether it’s a natural birth, c-section, medicated birth, etc. They are all beautiful and powerful.

I have had the wonderful experience of birthing two little boys – James and Jaxson.

Powerful Birth Affirmations Printables

My Experience with Labor

Both pregnancies had to be induced but they differed in so many ways.

My first born’s pregnancy was very uneventful, I had zero pregnancy symptoms (which scared me daily). I went in for my 38 (almost 39 weeks) week appointment and the doctor did a membrane sweep to get things moving.

I ended up having to grab my hospital bag and quickly make my way to the labor and delivery room – I was leaking amniotic fluid.

With JJ I opted in for an epidural right away despite only being 3 cm dilated, I didn’t have a doctor to tell me that it was much too soon. Nor did they help me prepare to push a baby out.

I ended up pushing for 2.5 hours, almost 3! Needless to say, postpartum recovery was very difficult with him, I could not walk or close my legs.

It was definitely a difficult postpartum.

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Jaxson’s pregnancy and birth were very scary, at 20 weeks I had to be followed by a Perinatal Specialist. I was considered high-risk due to baby only having a two-vessel umbilical cord.

His induction was scheduled for 39 weeks due to measuring up to four weeks behind, they felt that he would thrive much better outside. This time I did my homework and wanted to wait as long as I could for my epidural.

But, I ended up waiting much too long! The anesthesiologist administered my epidural TWICE but I still felt EVERYTHING.

Apparently, when he came in to administer my epidural I was already too far gone – 8 centimeters. After four hard pushes, Jaxson came into this world.

How Positive Affirmations Can Help

Positive affirmations can help women through birth because of how powerful words are to the subconscious. When you find yourself thinking negatively, what happens? Negative things will end up happening.

With my first birth, I kept thinking negatively, that I wasn’t strong.

During my second birth experience, I was a warrior. I told myself that I could do it and whatever path my birth took me, I would take on with strength and grace.

That is why it is so imperative for us to think positive thoughts, use positive affirmations.

Self-affirmation may also help to mitigate the effects of stress. 

Mind Tools

Now, let’s tackle your birth with these powerful affirmations.

How to Use Powerful Affirmations at Birth

Birth is definitely not easy but in between the powerful waves of contractions, we can recite these positive affirmations. Some have benefitted using affirmations way before their body is ready to deliver… to give birth.

Using powerful affirmations to prepare for birth helped me tremendously with my second child.

Decorate your home or carry your powerful birth affirmations to remind you of your tremendous strength and birth goals!

All you need to do is sign up to my newsletters (don’t worry I won’t spam you) and you’ll have instant access to my birth affirmations printables!

Once you have access you can:

  • Print them
  • Cut up the cards and place them as visual reminders
    • Stick them on your refrigerator
    • Blow it up and frame them
  • Keep the cards (or printables) with you at all times tucked away in your hospital bag

Powerful Affirmations for Birth

Are you ready? You’ve got this, mama!

  • I will not quit
  • I trust my body to know what to do
  • I will relax my body and mind
  • I am closer to meeting my baby with each wave
  • I am a warrior
  • I am stronger than I think
  • These waves will not pull me under
  • I can ride this wave
  • I am built for birth
  • I am prepared for any path my birth takes
  • I embrace the wisdom and innate knowledge of my body
  • I have grown this baby, I will birth him with NO fear
  • My body contains all the knowledge to deliver my baby
  • Birth is a powerful experience
  • I will meet my baby soon

My Final Thoughts

Pregnancy and birth, in general, is a wonderful and amazing thing. Let’s tackle the negative thoughts in your heads with these powerful and beautiful affirmations for birth.

You are a warrior, you CAN do this.

How do you get yourself through labor and birth? What Powerful affirmations or quotes help give you strength?

Save these powerful Birth affirmations and Printables!

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