Easter Sensory Bin Activities for Kids

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It’s Easter, and time to have some sensory fun with these Easter Sensory Bin Activities for Kids…

Both of our boys have sensory aversions whether it’s tactile or auditory. We are frequently working on their sensory quirks with occupational therapy.

Children that don’t have sensory processing disorder can also benefit from sensory bin activities!

My most favorite Easter memory had to have been from two years ago when my father-in-law took us down to Central Florida (Spring Hill). My husband James was away training at Quantico, Virginia to become an officer. To break up the monotony, my father-in-law drove down from Pennsylvania to take us to Spring Hill.

That year Easter landed on our anniversary as well – and we have been accustomed to not being together on anniversaries due to being a military family.

While the boys and I slept, my husband walked into the room and surprised us! It was definitely a lovely surprise… I didn’t expect to see him until that following September.

Our little family colored hard-boiled eggs with aunt Janet, and it brought back memories of my childhood.

Like my childhood, the adults hid the Easter eggs in the backyard. We hid money and candy in some eggs and had the hard-boiled eggs we colored the night before hidden as well.

We sat down for an early dinner with delicious spaghetti and meatballs (my husband’s favorite) and ham.

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Benefits of Sensory Bins

Sensory bins can benefit your children tremendously! If you’re not familiar with sensory bins, they are usually plastic bins filled with rice, toys, magnetic sand, and so much more.

Sensory bins allow the child to get a feel of their environment as they imaginatively play. Additional benefits include:

  • Encourages imaginative play: Sensory bins allow your child to play openly, and imaginatively.
  • Aids with Sensory needs: Allows your kids to use all of their senses: touch, smells, taste (only if it’s appropriate), sight, and hearing.
  • Improves fine motor skills: Let’s your child work on their gripping and scooping.
  • Helps with social skills: If they’re playing with siblings or other kids, it allows them to work on their social skills.

BONUS TIP: If you’re a work at home mom like me it will keep them busy and allow time for you to work on your projects!

Now that you understand the amazing benefits, let’s check out these amazing sensory bin activities!

Easter Sensory Bin Activities for Kids

Check out these fun and amazing Easter sensory bin activities perfect for your toddler!

Easter Sensory Bin Activities

Whether your child has sensory aversions or not, these are fun activities for all children! They will help with fine motor and gross motor skills as well.

Fun Easter Crafts Activities for Toddlers

Your child not into sensory bin activities? That’s alright, below are some super fun and easy Easter craft activities and printables for your children!

My Final Thoughts

Sensory bins can help growing toddlers with fine motor and cognitive skills. Not only do they help with fine motor and cognitive skills, but they also help children with sensory aversions.

What sensory activities or crafts do you like to do with your family on Easter? Share below!

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Easter Sensory Bin Activities For Kids

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