Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Games

Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Games

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Hilariously fun budget-friendly baby shower games, perfect games for a large group of family and friends… These fun baby shower games are perfect for unique traditional baby showers, sprinkles, and so much more…

Congratulations, mama. You’re pregnant and expecting your little bundle of joy! I remember the feeling of seeing my first positive pregnancy stick after a chemical pregnancy.

I was elated – and so was my husband!

My group of friends (and family) got together to give me the most memorable baby shower. It has been 8 years and I still remember the love and fun I felt on that special day.

My Baby Shower Experiences

I’ve been to my fair share of baby showers – and have definitely have had the same amount thrown for me. When I was pregnant with our youngest our friends threw a joint baby shower because my good friend and I were expecting at the same time.

It was honestly fun!

They all put together a bonnet style hat filled with ruffles – it was goofy and fun! The day was filled with delicious snacks and punch, we created bibs for our babies, and sat together to open presents.

My oldest son’s baby shower definitely left me in awe, I couldn’t believe all of the love we experienced that day. We had a book-themed baby shower where my in-laws had a toy box and had the guests bring one book to add to it for the baby.

We did multiple fun games where they would guess to see how big my belly was and so much more.

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Fun (and Budget-Friendly) Baby Shower Games

Don’t worry, these budget-friendly games are definitely fun and totally not awkward. The games will be so much fun that shyness will go out of the window.

Fun Baby Shower Games

Check out these fun and creative games for your next baby shower.

Additional Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Game Ideas

There are so many different baby shower games to choose from! My favorites are “Name the Baby Poop” and “Guess the Size of Mom’s Waist” games. Continue reading to find other fun baby shower game ideas.

Chug The Baby Bottle

What You’ll Need:

How to Play:

  1. You can play as a team or against someone one-on-one.
  2. Put your drink of choice in a bottle and see who can finish it first!

Blindfolded Baby Food Feeding

What You’ll Need:

How to Play:

  1. Pair your guests together and let the fun begin.
  2. Blind-fold one and try spoon-feeding the baby food.
  3. Whatever team finishes first – wins.

Guess the Baby Food

What You’ll Need:

How to Play:

  1. Pair your guests together and let’s have some fun.
  2. Blindfold one of the players and have the other feed them baby food.
  3. The team who can guess the most – wins.

Name That Baby Poop

What You’ll Need:

  • 6 Diapers
  • 6 Chocolate bars

How to Play:

  1. Mark each diaper with a number.
  2. Microwave chocolate bars in a separate bowl and smear onto the diaper.
  3. Make sure you keep track of numbers and chocolate bars.
  4. Whoever guesses the most right – wins.

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Pick out a few games (or ALL) and make your expectant mama-to-be feel special on this day!

QUESTION – What are your favorite budget-friendly baby shower games from above? Is there one that you enjoy that is NOT on this list? Share below!

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