Sweet and Adorable Southern Baby Girl Names

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Picking baby girl names just became hard, there are so many Sweet and Adorable Southern Baby Girl Names for you to choose from.

When I hear Southern Names I find myself thinking of delicious Southern Style Sweet Tea and how welcoming and polite everyone is.

If you’re reading this you’re probably expecting a sweet baby girl to make her appearance soon. Congratulations, mama. My favorite part about my pregnancy was picking out a name for our little ones. It’s your turn!

Now sit back, relax, and check out these adorable Southern Baby Girl Names.

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Adorable Southern Baby Girl Names

Amelia: Latin origin that means “striving,” powerful women like Amelia Earhart bore this name.

Ana: A short and sweet baby girl name, Ava means “life“.

Bailie: A strong name that means “enforcer,” is a beautiful and sturdy Southern name for a girl.

Belle: Like A Southern Belle, it is a short but elegant baby girl’s name. When I hear Belle I think of Beauty and the Beast – one of my favorite movies growing up.

Blanche: An elegant name meaning white in French, definitely a strong and sassy name for a sweet girl.

Bonnie: A Scottish origin, Bonnie means pretty and attractive – a Bonnie Lass.

Bryanna: Perfect name for a strong and feisty little girl. Bryanna also means virtuous and honorable.

Caroline: An Italian name, when I here Carolina I think of that song… “Sweet Caroline…” It’s a powerful name that means “strength.”

Cassidy: The name Cassidy means “curly-haired,” and has an Irish origin.

Catherine: Beautiful Greek name that means “pure.”

Charlotte: The city capital of North Carolina, beautiful, timeless.. what’s not to love?

Sweet Southern Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

Clementine: When I think of clementines, I think of sweet little oranges!

Daisy: A beautiful Southern flower and of English origin.

Daphne: A delicate baby girl name that has a Greek origin. Daphne means bay tree, which kind of has an outdoorsy feel to it.

DeeDee: This Latin beauty means “divine” and “pleasure.” The short nickname Dee is just as cute as well!

Delilah: Or “delight,” has a Hebrew origin. Such an elegant and light-hearted name for a sweet girl.

Dixie: The name Dixie originates from the Latin meaning of “tenth.” Dixie is short, sweet, and full of sass!

Emersyn: A beautiful twist to the name, Emerson, with a sweet Country ring.

Grace: Such an elegant and timeless name for a girl.

Mae: Means “pearl” and quite a simple Southern name.

Savannah: Means “flat tropical grassland,” and definitely has a hospitality ring to it.

Scarlet: This is an OG (original) Southern Belle name! Scarlet first became popular from the movie, Gone with the Wind and means “red“.

Tallulah: A unique Southern girl name which means “lady of abundance” – perfect for little sassy girls.

Tennessee: Has a Native American, Cherokee origin, and quite unique!

Virginia: Latin origins and means “pure.”

Why Southern Baby Girl Names

There is just something so beautiful and timeless about Southern Baby Girl Names. I have never heard of Tallulah and I’m honestly in love with it. When people think of Southern names they often think of that Southern hospitality!

What I love about these sweet baby girl names it that they range from girly, sassy, and spunk! There is a name for every one of your baby girls. When you here these Southern belle names you also can’t help thinking about that Sweet Tea and Georgia Peach!

I know I find myself thinking about that Sweet Tea, and Chick-Fil-A’s Peach Milkshake!

Tips for Choosing a Name

Choosing a name for your little one can be a challenging one. With our first child it took up until the day I delivered to come to an agreement. Every time someone asked us what we were naming our child, he would tell them his name would be “Thor.”

It was hilarious when we announced our baby’s birth and name – everyone got used to Thor.

Anyway, I do recommend that you both pick a few of your favorite names from the list and compare them. If you can’t come to an agreement with the few you’ve chosen – may be using a family member’s name can be a start.

Just remember that choosing a baby’s name is for you and your significant other, and only you two. Friends and family will always have something to say about the name, don’t feel pressured.

This is your baby and your choice.

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My Final Thoughts

Just remember that choosing a name for your baby is a big step! The wonderful thing about it is that you get 9 to 10 months to decide – don’t stress out too much about it!

What were your favorite Sweet Southern Baby Girl Names on this list?

Sweet Southern Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

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