Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names For Your Princess

Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names

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Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names, Congratulations, mama. You’re expecting a little baby girl! Now is the time to pick the perfect baby girl name inspired by Disney. From Princess Jasmine to the spunky Princess Merida, there is a name for your sweet little one.

Growing up I remember always watching my most favorite Disney movies and fighting with my cousin over who gets to be Princess Ariel. When I saw that Disney decided on creating an app of their own to stream Disney and Pixar movies I was absolutely ecstatic.

In the past you would have to purchase the movies that came out of the fault (and they can be pricey) in order to watch it. Now, I can stream it in the comfort of my home, any time and any where.

It’s absolutely amazing!

Due to social distancing this year I have been able to watch most of my favorite movies out of the vault with my two boys. Their current favorites from the past are The Lion King and The Hunchback from Notre Dame.

Before you start picking out your baby girl’s name, make sure you save this post for later. You don’t know how many times I didn’t save a post and regretted it. Mom-brain happens.

Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names

Now sit down, relax, and kick your feet back, it’s time to find your baby girl’s name.

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Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names

Names Beginning with A:

Abigail – You can find Abigail in a classic Disney movie, Aristocats. Abigail is one of the sister cats in the movie and is of Hebrew descent.

Adella – The name Adella is from the Little Mermaid, she is one of the sisters of Princess Ariel. Adella is a variation of the name Adele which means noble.

Alice – One of my favorite movies growing up, Alice in Wonderland. This name also means noble and is very popular!

Amelia – Don’t remember the name Amelia? Amelia was one of the geese on Aristocats and means work.

Anita – Anita is the name of the heroine of the 101 Dalmatians movie. Anita is of Spanish descent and means grace.

Anna – The name Anna spiked in popularity when the movie Frozen came out in 2013. Anna also means grace.

Ariel – My favorite name growing up, Ariel can be found on the Little Mermaid. Ariel is of French descent and means lion of God.

Audrey – The tough name Audrey came from the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Audrey means noble and sat on the charts continuously over the years.

Aurora – This Sleeping Beauty name is beautiful and romantic! Aurora stems from the Roman mythology, and means dawn.

Names Beginning with B:

Belle – The name Belle means beauty and lovely. Southern charm name can be found in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Bianca – Remember The Rescuers? The name Bianca is the heroine on The Rescuers and means white.

Briar Rose – Not familiar with Briar Rose? Princess Aurora is also known as Briar Rose, which means rose.

Names Beginning with C:

Celia – Means heavenly and can be found on Monsters, Inc., the snake-haired monster.

Charlotte – A classic beautiful name from The Princess and the Frog, she is Tiana’s friend.

Cinderella – Means little ashes, a very popular baby girl name! You can use cute nicknames like Cindy or Ella.

Cleo – Cleo means glory, and is Pinocchio’s fish name.

Colette – A spunky name from the movie Ratatouille! This name means people of victory.

Baby Girl Names Beginning with D:

Daisy – Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name and is a popular flower name.

Dinah – Means God will judge, and comes from the movie Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful and simple name for a baby girl.

Dory – This adorable name is from Finding Nemo, the funny blue fish who forgets things easily. Dory means the gift of God.

Drizella – Means dewy-eyed and is one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters name.

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Names Beginning with E:

Elinor – Princess Merida’s mother’s name, means bright in Greek.

Ellie – Means shine or light, is from the movie Up.

Elsa – Another popular name from 2013 when Frozen came out. Elsa means shine or light.

Esmeralda – My favorite name growing up, became popular in the 90’s when The Hunchback of Notre Dame came out. Esmeralda means gemstone.

Evangeline – You can find this name on The Princess and The Frog when Raymond speaks of his love, Evangeline.

Names Beginning with F – L:

Flora – From the Sleeping Beauty, Flora is one of the fairies that blesses Princess Aurora. It means bringer of light.

Giselle – Means pledge and can be found on the movie Enchanted.

Hera – This name is both strong and brave, Hera can be found on Hercules. The name Hera means goddess of women, childbirth, and marriage.

Jane – Tarzan’s beautiful wife’s name, means God’s gracious gift.

Jasmine – Means beautiful Jasmine flower. The name can be found on Aladdin, the beautiful princess that catches his eye.

Jessie – Spunky name from the movies Toy Story, the cowgirl. It means God beholds.

Kiara – You remember the Lion King, Kiara is the adorable name of Simba’s and Nala’s baby girl.

Lilo – A name from the Lilo and Stitch movies has a Hawaiian and European background. Lilo means the generous one, perfect for a baby girl.

Names Beginning with M:

Marian – Marian means sea of sorrow, and is Robin Hood’s love interest.

Marie – Means the star of the sea and is the little cat on Aristocats.

Megara – Means pearl and is the spunky love interest from Hercules.

Merida – Is of Spanish descent and means the one who has achieved honor.

Minnie – Very popular because of Minnie Mouse! It has stayed popular throughout the years.

Moana – This name became popular in 2016 when Disney came out with Moana. The literal translation of the name means Polynesian sea god.

Molly – Molly is Andy’s little sister’s name in Toy Story.

Mulan – Means wood orchid and is of Chinese descent.

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Names Beginning With N – P:

Nala – Hindu descent, means beloved. Nala is Simba’s love in The Lion King.

Nora – Means light and can be heard on Pete’s Dragon.

Olivia – Olivia is on one of the classics, The Great Mouse Detective. Olivia means olive.

Penny – Penny is the little girl the Rescuer’s save. A cute and perfect name for your little one.

Names Beginning With R – W:

Rosie – Strong name from A Bug’s Life.

Sina – Means blessed or treasure, you’ll recognize this name from Moana.

Tiana – Literally means princess, a strong name on The Princess and the Frog.

Ursula – Ursula is the name from The Little Mermaid and means little bear.

Violet – Means purple and can be seen on The Incredibles.

Wendy – The name Wendy is unisex and can be found on Peter Pan.

Willow – Remember the oak tree in Pocahontas? It has a calming and elegant feel to the name.

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My Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I’m finding it hard to picking my favorite! There are so many beautiful Disney inspired baby girl names on this list! Don’t be overwhelmed, pick out a few names that you love and write it down.

Take a few days and look back at the list, you don’t have to rush, mama.

What were your favorite Disney movies as a child? What were your favorite baby girl names from this list? Please share with me!

Save this as a reference for later

Disney Inspired Baby Girl Names

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