Amazing Super Foods That Will Boost Your Milk Supply

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Learn all about the amazing super foods that will boost your milk supply almost overnight.

When you are breastfeeding your little one you are always left wondering if you are making enough breast milk. I know I did when I was breastfeeding our oldest son.

I frequently worried he wasn’t getting enough because nothing came out when I exclusively pumped in between feeds(definitely not a way to know milk supply levels).

If you are worried about whether your baby is getting sufficient nutrients from you, I do write about the signs that the baby is not getting enough breast milk.

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrients?

New Moms Should Drink Enough Water

We often forget to ask ourselves, are we eating enough and drinking enough to keep up with milk supply. I had a friend who was severely dehydrated after the birth of their baby girl and her supply plummeted.

There is no magic number on how much water to drink, but lactation specialist does recommend that you keep a full glass of water near your nursing station and drink every time you sit down to nurse.

New Moms Need to Consume Enough Calories

Like with water, there is no one size fits all when it comes to the number of calories a new mom needs to keep up with the demand of breastfeeding. However, if you do find yourself hungry eat a healthy superfood or snack to keep up your calorie intake.

The Bump lactation specialist also recommends that you never dip below 1800 calories to ensure proper milk supply.

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The Amazing Super Foods That Will Boost Your Milk Supply

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Is one of the most popular foods used to help increase milk supply. Oatmeal has many benefits such as amazing vitamins and nutrients for the new mom.

There are so many different ways to eat oatmeal! I love eating egg white oatmeal (high in protein), overnight oats, muffins, and so many other ways.

Oatmeal is truly versatile – you will never get sick of it.

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7 Amazing Super Foods That Will Boost Your Milk Supply Overnight


Nuts are packed full with amazing omega-3’s and proteins for new moms. There are many different ways to consume nuts these days!

You can put a tablespoon of peanut butter in a super-food smoothie, bake delicious cookies with sliced almonds, or even consume non-dairy drinks like almond milk or cashew milk.

The possibilities are endless.


Spinach is full of iron-rich nutrients that are wonderful for breastfeeding moms. According to Parents, if you have lost a lot of blood at birth or suffered postpartum hemorrhaging, it can hinder your milk supply as well.

Studies of shown mothers with low iron levels suffer from low milk supply as well. Stock up on those iron-rich leafy greens, mama.

I love making big salads with delicious spring mix (kale and spinach), almonds, feta, grilled chicken, and eggs. You can even throw some spinach in a super food smoothie filled with fennel seeds or nuts.

5 Alarming Signs Your Baby Isn’t Getting Enough


Fenugreek is an amazing super-food. My same friend who became dehydrated after the birth of their baby consumed fenugreek and not even 24 hours later became engorged and full of milk.

Taken in capsule form, you can consume up to 3200 grams in any given day to help boost milk supplies. An amazing way to know whether you’re consuming enough fenugreek is to have your partner smell you.

Yes, I’m serious. You start smelling like syrup!

Fennel Seeds

According to What to Expect, fennel seeds pack a mean punch. You generally find fennel seeds in lactation cookies and lactation teas that help boost milk supply.

They have said that fennel seeds are packed with estrogen-like nutrients that help boost milk supply levels.


Garlic is highly known to boost milk supplies in breastfeeding mothers. Not only does garlic help boost milk supplies in new moms, they have amazing health benefits for both mom and baby!

I don’t know about you but I love garlic and throw it in a lot of my dishes.. just not smoothies, haha. My husband always complains about the amount of garlic I eat, it seeps through my pores at night.

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a game-changer and quick to boost supply levels. The yeast is full of vitamin B, iron, protein, chromium, and selenium. You can usually find Brewer’s yeast in lactation baked goods for new moms-to-be.

If you’re not big on lactation cookies, you can use the Brewer’s yeast in delicious smoothies!

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My Final Thoughts

I hope that these amazing super foods help you on your journey with breastfeeding (or exclusively pumping). I understand the frustrations and fear of not producing enough, I’ve been there twice, mama.

Just know whatever happens as long as your baby is fed, that is all that matters!

What are your favorite milk boosting super foods? Your favorite recipe? I’d love to know.

Save These Super Foods that boost milk supply for later!

7 Amazing Super Foods That Will Boost Your Breast Milk Overnight

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