Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

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Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names for the little prince in your life. From Aladdin to Eric (from The Little Mermaid), there is a handsome baby boy name for your little bundle of joy.

Congratulations, mama. You’re expecting a little prince in the next few months. Little boys are the best! I would know, I am a mom to two rambunctious little princes.

Growing up I dreamed of being Princess Ariel and finding my prince, Eric. What little girl didn’t after watching The Little Mermaid? Or Beauty and the Beast? Or Aladdin?

I’m so thankful that Disney came out with a streaming service, I have been able to watch my most favorite classics with my little boys.

Now sit back, relax and find a perfect baby name for your little Prince.

Don’t forget to save these handsome boy names now, mom brain can be bad! I haven’t quite recovered from mom brain myself.

Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

A Baby Boy Names.

Akela – You’ll find this name on The Jungle Book, he’s the wolf that helps Mowgli.

Amos – From the Fox and the Hound.

Andy – Buzz and Woody’s friend in Toy Story, short for Andrew and means “manly”.

Arlo – Arlo is the dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur, has a good strong meaning of “army”.

Arthur – Celtic origin, means “strong as a bear”.

B – C Baby Boy Names

Ben – Found on Pocahontas, one of the settlers with John.

Bruce – Bruce is the shark from Finding Nemo, a popular name in Scotland.

Buzz – Woody’s best friend in Toy Story.

Calhoun – Irish origin, meaning “from the narrow forest.”

Chip – The adorable little tea cup on Beauty and the Beast, means “free man.”

Christopher – Means “bearer of Christ,” is from Winnie the Pooh.

Clayton – English origin, a strong and classy name for your little boy.

Cliff – If you’re a Frozen fan, then you’ll know that Cliff is Kristoff’s adoptive troll father.

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D Baby Boy Names

Dash – Find this spunky name from the Incredibles!

David – A friend of Lilo’s sister on Lilo and Stitch.

Deacon – The archdeacon on the Hunchback from Notre Dame.

Demetrius – Latin, meaning “devoted to Demeter,” is the potter from Herclues.

Donald – Who doesn’t love Donald Duck? Donald means “ruler of the world.”

Duke – You can find this name on Zootopia, has been one of the most popular strong boy names.

E – F Baby Boy Names

Eliot – Heard on Pete’s Dragon, means “Jehovah is God.”

Eric – Ariel’s love on The Little Mermaid.

Eugene – Rapunzel’s strong and spunky love on Tangled.

Felix – Cute and spunky name on Wreck-it Ralph. Felix is Ralph’s game and has a Latin origin.

Finn – Means “fair” and originates from Cars 2, the British spy.

Flynn – Also Rapunzel’s love, it was Eugene’s nickname on Tangled. Irish origin, means “son of red-haired one.”

G – I Baby Boy Names

Gaston – French for “the guest,” is the villain on Beauty and the Beast.

Gus – One of the adorable mice on Cinderella, Gus means “magnificent, great.”

Hans – The prince who stole Anna’s heart on Frozen, means “gift from God.”

Hiro – Japanese origin found on Big Hero 6. Hiro means “abundant, generous, and prosperous.”

Hudson – The doctor on Cars, a popular name for boys – ranked top 100.

J – L Baby Boy Names

James – Hook’s name on Peter Pan is of Hebrew descent and means “at the heel”.

Jasper – Jasper is one of the crooks that took the dalmatian puppies on 101 Dalmatians.

Kristoff – Means “bearer of Christ” and is of Scandinavian descent.

Lawrence – An ancient Roman name from The Princess and the Frog.

Louis – The alligator full of Jazz on the Princess and the Frog. Louis means “warrior.”

Lucius – Lucius is a friend of the Incredibles, he’s Frozone.

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M – N Baby Boy Names

Marlin – The name of Nemo’s father on Finding Nemo. Marlin is of English descent and means dweller of the famous land.

Maurice – Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s father’s name.

Max – Prince Eric’s dog’s name on The Little Mermaid. A popular name that means “great.”

Michael – From both Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, is a popular name that means “who is like God.”

Mickey – A very popular name in Disney! Derived from Mickey Mouse and is a variation of Michael.

Milo – Hebrew descent, means “soldier or merciful” is found on the movie Atlantis.

Nash – One of the dinosaurs on the Good Dinosaur. Nash is an English surname and means “by the ash tree.”

Nick – Nick is the sly fox on Zootopia.

O – P Baby Boy Names

Olaf – Who doesn’t love the adorable snowman on Frozen? Olaf is of Scandinavian descent and means “ancestors relic.”

Oliver – French descent meaning “olive tree,” this adorable name can be found on the Oliver & Company.

Oswald – English name meaning “divine power” is a cute name from Oswald the Rabbit.

Pascal – Remember that cute chameleon on Tangled? Pascal is French for “born during Easter.”

Percival – A unique and strong name that means “one who pierces the valley.” Percival can be found on the Rescuers Down Under – one of my favorites growing up!

Pete – Means “rock or stone,” is a popular character on Mickey Mouse.

Philip – You can find Philip on Sleep Beauty as the handsome prince who saves Aurora. Philip means “lover of horses.”

R Baby Boy Names

Randall – Means “wolf shield,” is the villain on Monsters Inc.

Remy – You can find Remy on Ratatouille, the magnificent chef!

Rex – Rex is an adorable name you can find on Toy Story, the cute dinosaur with the meaning “king.”

Robert – English descent that means “bright frame or glory.” Robert is Mr. Incredible’s name on The Incredibles.

Russell – Russell is the adorable boy on Up, and means “redhead” in French.

Ryder – Another alias of Rapunzel’s love, Ryder is of British origin and means “cavalryman, messenger.”

S – U Baby Boy Names

Sebastian – Sebastian is the fun and bossy crab on Little Mermaid, his name is of Latin origin and means “from Sebaste.”

Stefan – Princess Aurora’s father’s name on The Sleeping Beauty, it means “crowning glory.”

Sullivan – Irish origin, Sullivan means “one-eyed”. Sullivan, or Sully, is the adorable hero on Monsters Inc.

Timothy – Dumbo’s best friend, Timothy the mouse. Timothy has a Greek origin and means “honoring God.”

Toby – The name Toby can be found on Robin Hood, and is of English origin and means “God is good.”

W Baby Boy Names

Wilbur – Wilbur is the fun albatross on Rescuers Down Under which means “resolute, brilliant” in German.

Wilde – Remember Nick from Zootopia? Wilde is Nick’s last name and derives from Old English meaning “untamed.”

Woody – English origin and means “row of houses by a wood,” Woody is the famous protagonist in Toy Story.

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My Final Thoughts

I know it’s going to be hard picking a name from this amazing Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names list. I suggest picking a few of your favorite and coming back to it after a few days.

Save these handsome baby boy names for later:

Disney Inspired Baby Boy Names

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