How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

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How to throw a virtual baby shower for your friends and family to share your special day even miles apart.

What a time to be in. Our world has changed dramatically over the last few months. Parents becoming teachers and work at home parents overnight, schools closing, restaurants closing, social distancing, and more.

High school students not being able to walk the stage for their diplomas, mom-to-be’s not experiencing a baby shower or even birth like every mama before them.

Times are truly difficult right now but that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a baby shower!

It is amazing what we can accomplish in this day in age! Our little one has TeleHealth weekly with his therapists, our oldest has a video chat with his play therapist and teacher on a weekly basis – the possibilities are endless.

Why stop there?

We can even host a loving (and fun) virtual baby shower for the mom-to-be’s in our lives. Make them feel special even during all of this uncertainty.

The amazing thing about Virtual Showers is that we can also use this outside of social distancing and pandemics. If family or friends can’t make it to a baby shower, pull up your laptop or mobile device, and stream instantly.

It is truly amazing.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Are you ready to host the most special baby shower ever? Keep reading to find everything you will need in order to host a Virtual Baby Shower.

Video Chat Services to Host Virtual Baby Shower

Providers (and or apps) you can use to stream the virtual baby shower are endless! You can choose any below:

  • Zoom (free up to 40 minutes)
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Google Meets (good up to 1 hour on the free version)
  • Facebook Video (only good for 4 devices or less)


As you can see there are so many free ways to stream a live Virtual Baby Shower. If you have an Apple device, whether it is an iMac, MacBook, or iPhone, you can stream it live via FaceTime.

The only down fall with FaceTime is that your friends and family have to have an Apple device to use it.


I use Zoom for my Marketing and Business coach, it’s quite simple and amazing. All you’ll need for your friends and family is the Zoom link you have created for the baby shower.

Make sure you give your attendees the password to get in to the call! The only downfall with Zoom is that if you have the free version you can only be on a call for 40 minutes.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Google Meets

Google Meets, formerly known as Google Hangouts, allows you to have a video conference with up to 100 attendees. You will need to ensure that your attendees have a Google account set up prior to the virtual baby shower.

The only downfall is you are allowed 1 hour of conference time on the free version.


Skype is great because it is a free service and has no limit as far as attendees go. Your friends and family would just have to download the app if they’re using a mobile device or use a web browser on their computers (or laptops).

Facebook Video

Facebook video is only great if you have a small number of attendees at your virtual baby shower. This video service usually allows up to 4 video feeds but you can only use it on your mobile devices.

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Themes for a Virtual Baby Shower

Just like your traditional baby shower a Virtual Baby Shower can have a theme as well! Who says you can’t have a theme if you’re streaming a baby shower with your friends and family?

I say you can, pick your virtual baby shower theme, mama.

Some Virtual Baby Shower themes:

  • Wonder Woman theme
  • Mustache theme
  • Lumberjack Theme
  • Mermaid theme
  • Unicorn theme
  • Cowboy theme

You name it, you can do it. I would recommend purchasing some cute baby shower decorations from Amazon or at your local Party City. You can usually find some inexpensive decorations for your Virtual Baby Showers there.

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

You can choose to send adorable baby shower invitations through the mail, my host did for our first baby’s baby shower. We had a mustache themed baby shower and they created the most adorable mustache invitations to our friends and family.

Typically you can find adorable baby shower invitations from Etsy or Shutterfly! Just a warning, they have so many cute options that it will be difficult to chose just one!

Other ways you can invite your friends and family to your virtual baby shower is by creating an event on Facebook. Facebook allows you to add baby shower information such as:

  • Date/Time
  • Registry information
  • Link/Password

You can also keep the event private to ensure that only your loved ones see the information.

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Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas

Believe it or not, you can still have some old fashion fun on your virtual baby shower.

  1. Baby A to Z (come up with baby-related words)
  2. Bet on Baby (guess baby’s measurements and due date)
  3. Baby Animal Guessing (pair baby animals with their adult parents)
  4. The Price is Right (have guests guess how much each baby product costs)

Virtual Baby Shower Gifts

The mom-to-be can still open up all of her gifts on her special day during a virtual baby shower. Mom-to-be’s can set up a registry on Amazon and if you are an Amazon Prime member purchases generally ship out in 2 days.

Wherever you decide on registering, ensure that you have it set up in advance. That way friends and family can pick out and order gifts for the mom-to-be and make it in time for the virtual baby shower.

The new mom can open the baby shower gifts on the video calls as her friends and family watch, “oohing” and “aaahing” at all of the adorable clothing little baby will be receiving.

My Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be lonely on your special day, you can still have your friends and family with you as you celebrate your pregnancy. Congratulations again, mama. Enjoy your special day!

Did you throw a virtual baby shower? I would love to hear all about it in the comments!

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How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

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