Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

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Must know summer pregnancy survival tips. A summer pregnancy survival guide for mom-to-be’s during the hot summer months.

Pregnancy Summer Survival Guide for Expecting Moms

Both of my pregnancies took place during a huge chunk of the summer months. My first born was due right in the middle of summer, August 6th.

My youngest was due in February but I spent half of my pregnancy during the summer months as well. The strong summer heat is definitely challenging for any trimester.

Both of my pregnancies were also in the South, North Carolina and South Carolina, as you can imagine it got extremely humid and unbearable at times.

I wanted to write this post to help other new mom’s struggling to survive during the summer months, mama, I get it! Now save this for later and let’s survive these warm and humid months!

Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

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Summer Maternity Clothes

There are many adorable and practical ways to dress for the summer months. I wore a maxi dress for my baby shower that was held during the hot summer month of May.

You’ll need these adorable (and cool) summer pregnancy clothing!

Maternity Shorts – I invested in a couple good pairs of maternity shorts with my boys and alternated them between leggings and maxi dresses.

Maternity Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses are perfect because they don’t constrict your belly and they allow your legs, belly, and everything else to breathe! You’ll live in these every day, trust me.

Maternity Tank Tops – I love the maternity tank tops! I used them even after I delivered my boys, they were really helpful and comfortable during the postpartum phase.

Maternity Bathing Suit – Investing in a maternity bathing suit is a must. I tried squeezing my body into a traditional bathing suit and it just didn’t work.

I felt constricted and uncomfortable. They have the cutest one-piece bathing suits for expecting moms.

Pregnancy Products for Summer

There is more than having the proper attire for a summer pregnancy! You need to protect your skin, stay hydrated, etc.

Sandals – My feet swell a lot during the hot summer months. Wearing anything closed definitely didn’t make my feet comfortable, if possible I recommend buying comfortable sandals or flip flops.

Sunscreen – Protecting your skin is definitely a top priority during the hot months. My friend had a bad sunburn on her belly and was scolded by a labor and delivery nurse.

The sun burn could’ve caused dehydration and other complications. Protect your skin, mama.

Water bottle – STAY HYDRATED too my friend. I carried a water bottle every where I went when I was pregnant. That caused me to have to frequent the restroom more often than most, my boss ended up calling the bathroom, “the Jennie” as a joke.

Hair Products – I had my hair up majority of the time when I was pregnant with my oldest. My hair was super long then and required to be up and away from my neck.

When I was pregnant with our second I had shorter hair, a bob, therefore I could just clip up the front to keep cool.

(Check out my personal maternity essentials for both pregnancies)

Pregnancy Summer Beach Tips

You can still have fun at the beach during pregnancy. I didn’t do a whole lot of it because we had a community pool in our development. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay safe and hydrated at the beach.

How to Stay Safe at the Beach and Pool:

  • Remember the sunscreen earlier in this post? You’re going to need that bad boy to protect your skin. If you go in the water ensure that you re-apply your lotion after drying off. I have learned the hard way.
  • Stay in the shade, mama. Both the beach and pool offer umbrella rentals, usually affordable prices or free at the pool. We invested in one of these half tents when I was pregnant and it worked wonders for the beach.
  • Ensure you have plenty of fluids and snacks when you are out at the beach or the pool. They have really cool insulated coolers for beverages and snacks!
  • Purchasing a mini fan or spray will also benefit expectant mothers. You can even use it after you have your baby for walks around the neighborhood during the hot months.

Summer Pregnancy Safety Tips

I recommend speaking with your OBGYN prior to making a trip out to the pool or beach. Pregnancy women are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

heat side effects for expectant mothers:

  • Heat rash
  • Dehydration
  • Heat cramps
  • Birth defects

You can read more about the side effects of heat exposure in pregnant women here.

My Final Thoughts

You can still enjoy summer as an expectant mother, you just need to ensure that you are taking the proper precautions to stay hydrated and avoid heat exposure.

When in doubt always contact your OBGYN, there is never a “dumb” question! They are experts in their field and welcome any pregnancy-related questions.

What are your favorite pregnancy summer outfits? Or, what are your favorite ways to cool off during the summer? Let me know, friend. I’d love to know.


Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

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