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Warrior Wednesday

Today is Warrior Wednesday, and where do I even begin?

For Warrior Wednesday, they ask you to recognize someone who went above and beyond for your family. The only problem is that not just ONE helped us through this journey.

When I was at the Children’s Hospital for a week, unable to leave Jaxson I had amazing friends who stopped by with coffee, snacks, watched Jaxson while I slept, kept me company, and JUST being there. You all are the real M.V.P. Thank you Jean R., Ashley P., and Naomi M. You all are truly amazing, thank you! Thank you for helping us with the boys and keeping an eye on them when we had to go to appointments, date night, or just needed a little break.

My dear friend Michelle R., you are truly a great friend. You came running to help when James and I were both down with whatever the heck that was–we couldn’t eat or drink without throwing up–and couldn’t even care for Jaxson who was sick as well. You also stopped by when we were in at the Children’s Hospital to allow me to go down to get breakfast or coffee. Listened to me vent or cry when I needed it. YOU’VE DONE ANYTHING OR EVERYTHING! Thank you so much.

Lynne B., I’m so glad we met. You have no idea how thankful I am you were there when I got that phone call from our UAB team. I really appreciated you coming over a couple weeks ago to hang out and make some Okinawan Donuts lol. It wasn’t much but it was fun! Thank you for everything, thank you listening, just thank you!

Our family The Carforas, going out of their way to help me go to University of Birmingham for Jaxson’s Genetics or Aero Digestive appointments, taking us away for a weekend, listening and answering all of our questions–I love you all so much, thank you. Mom and Dad, thank you for raising me to be strong, I love you both so much.

My husband, you are truly a warrior too. You are an amazing husband and father and thank you for all of the sacrifices to support our family. I know it is difficult being away from your family but you do it to ensure that we have everything we need. I love you so much!!!!

Lastly, Jaxson’s Pediatrician. Dr. Southwick went out of his way to ensure that we were seeing all of the right specialists, listened, and was and still is very thorough. I’m thankful to have you as my child’s doctor and we will miss you when we PCS in the fall.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

June 20, 2018