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My Blogger Recognition Award

I am in awe that Failure to Thrive No More has been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! My friend from Witte’s World has nominated me and it truly means the world to me. I’m thankful to be recognized by such a wonderful blogger like Linda! She has created an amazing support group at For the Love of Blogging [GO JOIN], writes amazing travel posts at Witte’s World, and has helped me on my journey of blogging.

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November 3, 2018

DYRK1A Syndrome Awareness Day!

Hello friends!

As most of you know Jaxson has a condition called DYRK1A syndrome, and was diagnosed April of this year. Since his diagnosis we have found an awesome Support Group on Facebook! There are families from all over the globe on this support page, and currently we are sitting at about 205 families! That is AMAZING. With the new technology of genetic testing more and more families are getting long awaited answers for their children! Some have waited over 15 years to get answers!

Over 200 families!

Since joining this group I have become a member of their Work Group with a goal to become a Non Profit Organization. With this we established an Awareness Date, August 21st, which is significant because this syndrome is found within the 21st Chromosome.

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There was a Meet Up in July where many DYRK1A families came together to meet and celebrate with their warriors. There were a lot of guest speakers present as well, they are conducting research of our children to help us and others to understand DYRK1A better. DYRK1A is so new that there is not very much literature out there about it.

Here are some statistics from the new study that was conducted:

  • 98% had intellectual disabilities or global delays
  • 100% had speech delays
  • 100% had motor difficulties
  • 93% had microcephaly
  • 93% had feeding difficulties
  • 79% had vision abnormalities
  • 67% had seizures
  • 46% had an ASD diagnosis
  • 61% had stereotyped behaviors
  • 31% had anxious behaviors
  • 29% had hyperactive behaviors
  • 83% had behavioral differences
  • 60% had 6 or more symptoms including ASD
  • 76% had 6 or more symptoms including broader behavioral difficulties

-Thank you to the team from Bernier Lab for providing this information.

Below is an image from Simons VIP Connect with features and the genomic location of DYRK1A.

DYRK1A Features

About our DYRK1A Warriors:

For Awareness Day, I wanted to show the world that there are positives about our DYRK1A children. Positive you may ask? Many look at the negative when they learn about Jaxson and other children with DYRK1A and their condition. Our children are very, very happy! Despite everything they go through, all of the challenges, they are happy. I think that’s one of the reasons that makes this journey so worth while. Jaxson is goofy just like any other child, he loves to play with his big brother’s toy cars, he loves pancakes, he loves to be twirled around, and loves jamming to the movie Trolls just like his big brother. And if you talk to any other family they will tell you the same about their child.

Our children are fierce and determined. 

The Importance of Genetic Testing:

I’ve come across a few families who were having difficulties with getting their insurance to pay for genetic testing. I want to raise awareness of the benefits of having genetic testing done. Having genetic testing done can benefit the family because if it comes back positive they can start looking at prevention, monitoring, or treatment options. Jaxson has been in Physical Therapy since October of last year and it has done wonders for his development. He just recently started walking, unsteady but walking! Feeding Therapy has benefited him as well, before it would take him an hour to drink 2 ounces of milk! Now he’s drinking 5-6 ounces of milk in less than 5 to 10 minutes! We are in the process of getting an Occupational Therapist as well. Early intervention is definitely beneficial for our children, so why are these insurance companies denying genetic testing referrals?

Super Jaxson!

Jaxson hanging out in the kiddie pool!


To conclude this, I ask that you help us raise awareness about DYRK1A. Help us let the world know how proud we are of our children and their accomplishments! Help us educate the world about DYRK1A and the importance of genetic testing!
Please join us on August 21st by adding our DYRK1A Syndrome frame to your Social Media photos!

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August 19, 2018

200 Strong


As mentioned in my Telling Tuesday post, changes in the DYRK1A gene–located in the 21st Chromosome–have been linked to:

  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Microcephaly
  • Speech and Language Impairment
  • Seizures
  • Autism

and more (DYRK1A, 2018)..

200 Strong

As of the beginning of July, we have reached 200 families with DYRK1A Syndrome. Our Facebook group founder, Amy C., started the group in 2014 with one other member from the U.K. and reached up to 100 families within the first couple years. NOW, we are at 200 families! Amazing. The community is filled with so much experiences, knowledge, and love despite all of us being located across the globe.

DYRK1A Chart


It really does take a village. I do not feel alone in this journey even though the only interaction I have had with these families are over the computer with the use of social media–with the exception of meeting the Cobb family. We all have a common goal, to raise awareness, to put ourselves out there and be known. Not even a language barrier can stop us. I can’t wait to go to the next Meet Up in 2019 and meet our growing family!


I’ve decided to go back to school as well with our recent diagnosis of DYRK1A. I want to be able to work from home and take care of Jaxson when he ages out of school. I don’t want to have to worry about him in the future. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Medical Billing and Coding at Ultimate Medical Academy–boy it’s tough! Definitely tough trying to focus on my academics and juggle two kids but Jaxson and his brother JJ have put a spark into me. A huge spark to better myself and keep fighting.

I’ll be graduating with my degree in February 2019, if you know of any organizations or companies that need a Medical Billing and Coder please let me know!


DYRK1A. (2018). Retrieved from

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July 15, 2018