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30 Tips for Self-Care

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I know you read that headline and scoffed, it is hard taking care of yourself when you’re a mom! I have trouble myself finding the time to schedule appointments for myself versus taking my kids to the doctor and therapies. I always put myself on the back burner and I can’t do that anymore. I am not getting any younger and I need to be the best me for my family. I’ve always come to realize that my chronic illness (will be sharing that on another post) isn’t going anywhere and I need to take care of it before it gets worse.

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April 17, 2019

To the Lady at Target, Thank you!

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An act of kindness goes a long way…

Yesterday morning I had to leave for a specialty appointment in Raleigh, NC. That’s about 2.5 hours away from where we currently live. 

I was sleep deprived, Jaxson woke up at 4 am and didn’t want to go back asleep until my alarm went off. Figures right?

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February 21, 2019